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Howdy yall from kentucky!

Tony G

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 12 years ago divorce on top of 3rd shift pushed me out of the hobby. My 25 year career is changing to 12hr 4 on, 4 off schedule and Im going to have a lot of free time so Im Finally back! So excited! Renewed my astromart account and  now finding all the best forums. So much has changed over the last 12 years I sooo feel like a beginner again. My favorite previous set up was my 7" Meade lx50 mak,  with .5 university daystar. I'm more interested in solar than anything else and after hours of research I just purchased a lunt 60,b600. Its sitting on my 4" celestron se mount waiting for a clear day. I'm so nervous about getting it out as im hoping its "sweet spot" as you guys call it, is really sweet.  I bought a revolutionimager for my 4" mak about a month ago and am about to purchase a larger live feed video cam for the lunt for full disk views. Come on spring!!!!! Nothing sadder than a new solar scope on a rainy day but the owner! Enough about me, Ima go check out what some of you guys have goin on! Clear skies to all of you!


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Hi and welcome from a chilly and damp UK. Hope your return into the hobby goes well, and you get some nice sunny days to do your solar work. Would love a H-alpha scope for solar work, but do pretty good with my Lunt Wedge for now, but hoping one day to acquire a dedicated solar scope at some point.

All the best,

Gus :) 

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