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  1. Remember how hard I worked back in the early 90s to get that on film. Crazy awesome!
  2. Maybe any program with histogram. gimp is free and lot of options. You might have some spot detail hidden in there. Image is great as is for cam pic!!!
  3. Tony G


    Me too, really for the people who traveled!
  4. Tony G


    Software failure on my celestron. no h alpha for me. I stayed home 96% here to image it. Test run perfect yesterday. Back up plan in effect .. Total as I'll get here.
  5. I live 2 hours away and can't decide to visual it or image it. Seeing probaby going to be horrible that time of day, and there will be so many other better set ups out there than my lunt 60 getting shots. Ohhhh what to do..
  6. My drs and nurses loved it. It's unreal the amount of people whos never seen solor astronomy. Or any astronomy sometimes. Some wow!!! Others can't get past how much $ was that. I usually answer with cheaper than your boat or 4 wheeler which everyone in ky seems to owns but me. Thanks for comments!!
  7. I did! My 5th one! Full blown too! Left side. Anticoagulant ordeal, Im only 43. Healthy other than my blood. Im on thinners, and I believe this one was actually my fault. Was behind on my meds. Was back to work in 4 days! Full recovery. Lost speech for about 30 minutes. Very wierd and dreamy like.. My wife took my laptop to hospital. I watched the forums processed some older vids Was nice to have such a great sunspot this morn! Thanks!!
  8. I just posted today noone processes in red. Love it!
  9. Been a while for me. Stroke bout 2 weeks ago. Cool Spot and monster prom this morning.
  10. This with good cam zwo, and lunt 60 single stack. No-one processes red but this is close to my eyepiece view, but you have to use averted vision to pick detail. Sun is about like getting used to seeing DSO. The more you look the more you'll see. I think cell pics won't resemble an eyepiece view but yes, it won't compare to pretty pics either. As far as color it's blood red, bright, and tricky sometimes as daytime seeing conditions can be nuts. Hope this helps let you know what to expect. and yes these are stacked images but I dont think a cell pic should be any kind of decision maker. I use a 25mm eyepiece and see full disk with room to spare. I never use an eyepiece at all anymore to be honest. All the detail in this full disk is visible in eyepiece the detail is just subtle. I tune my banding with my eye then insert camera.
  11. Party balloon is def the catch of the year!!!
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