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Walking on the Moon

Hello from sunny Hampshire UK


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My first post here and just to say happy New Year to you all. I'm resurecting a childhood hobby with (I hope) with a little more knowhow and money! I haven't bought a telescope yet but I've arranged to visit my local club on their next night out and see what suits as well as buying a book to stimulate my memory from childhood.

Looking at scopes, I'm thinking the Skywatcher 127 mak goto or saving a bit more for the Nexstar 6SE goto and would appreciate an opinion if you have one.  Portability is a factor and is like to fix a webcam for connecting to a laptop as well as some astrophotography in time.

many thanks!



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Hi Philip and welcome to the forum. Might be worth putting a question over on the beginner's equipment section as more people visit that area than here. Regarding astrophotography, I would suggest taking a look at Steve Richards book, "Making Every Photon Count" to get some idea of what would be the best type of equipment to get to allow you to take good consistent images. Imaging or the "Darkside" as we like to call it, places different demand on kit to that used when simply observing and so Steve's book will certainly help you avoid buying the wrong kit. Don't want your first image of a black hole being the one in your wallet! :tongue2: 

Clear skies and hope you enjoy your stay here.

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Welcome!  A 127 Mak would be a good 'scope, and very portable.  A 6SE gives a bit more aperture of course, and at under 10kg (Harrison's) is also portable.  My 8SE I carry in two parts, being about 5kg more.  The 6SE has a shorter focal length than mine, which still gives very good magnification plus the advantage of a slightly wider field of view, especially at lower mags.  As ever with this hobby, it's all weighing various factors against each other!

Have fun.


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