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  1. Very nice indeed, one of my fav DSO's.
  2. Well if you're the outdoor type Paddy, i guess that would have been favourite .
  3. +1 for 130 PD-S, ive never had one but i did have the 200 PD-S. Also a used mount IMO is the way to go on a budget, you will find a few used examples and many other goodies here.
  4. Absolutely Louise, i always recommend that everyone using a DSLR turn off "in camera dark subtraction/in camera noise reduction". As for taking dark frames this has been a bone of contention for quite some time, some very knowledgeable astrophotographers say yes, some say no, my personal opinion is no BUT definately dither and use sigma clipping and then forget the hassle of dark frames, you shouldn't need them.
  5. I was always under the impression that taking darks with a DSLR adds noise and it's only flats and bias that are needed? Modern dslrs have something called on sensor dark current suppression built in I believe, negating the need to take dark frames.
  6. Lenses like Carl Zeiss, Rokinon, Takumar and super Takumar, these are all great prime lenses for AP and give stunning images for a fraction of the cost of L glass.
  7. I had this problem and i did find a fix but i cant for the life of me remember where, a search may well find it, not sure if it is your issue but it was mine. Here is what happened with a lot. PS: ignore that its an old one, it was still happenning last year, it was just the first link i came to but the point is many shops are still unknowingly selling fakes.
  8. Iv'e had PS around 4 years and love it for my general photography. Within a few weeks of starting AP i had purchased Noels astronomy tools plugin, GradientxTerminator and the free HLVG, within another 2 months i had the trial version of PI, within a week i'd bought it, not sure what that says about me but i love PI. My partner bought me the Warren Keller book "Inside Pixinsight" now i love PI even more. I still use PS but very, very rarely for my AP.
  9. It's a LOL line but sadly oh so true... probably .
  10. Yippeeee, next box arrived. I have much recycling to do. Look what i found in this box , I'ts only a blooming Mak 180 .
  11. I agree, the Primaluce logo would have been better but i think i'll get over it Thanks charl, can't wait for first light.
  12. No, i'm not collecting boxes . Ok, it's a box. Whoaa, look what i found inside, it's only a Primaluce 420mm Quad with built in field flattener, yippeeeee . This really is a beautiful piece of engineering, all i need now is some elusive clear skies,
  13. If you are choosing a lens specifically for AP then I would consider forgetting the expensive L glass and high end samyangs I've had many Different L lenses and plenty of samyangs, you can get fantastic images with much cheaper glass, I now have only the two lenses in my sig, they are tak sharp and both together cost me less than £150.
  14. Mine too, i had my new lens delivered today and the two scopes in my sig are coming tomorrow, please don't ban me :(.
  15. Wow indeed, -15 for 2hrs + set up and take down, the things we do for love .