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  1. Thanks dobbie, i'll take a look.
  2. I use the main histogram, not the RGB histogram and expose at 1/3 > 1/4 in from the left.
  3. Yes , i think thats where it came from. No i haven't Patrick, it came just as you see it in the photos.
  4. For sale as funds needed, will give SGL members first refusal before going on ABS and Ebay. Great scope, 7", 2700mm, F15, standard vixen dovetail. 2" visual back with crayford style dual speed focuser and unbranded diagonal, so ideal for planetary/lunar imaging with a DSLR. In good all round condition, very light scratch to black paint, probably no deeper than a hair and one tab broken on front cover, both pictured. Excellent optics, great lunar views and images which is all i have had time to use it for. Only £400 + postage. Bank transfer prefered but paypal is fine as long as you add 3% to cover fees, no friends.
  5. Haha, my thoughts exactly, iv'e been scouring the used market for months for one of these.
  6. IMO PI is worth every penny if you are serious about imaging DSO's.
  7. I bought a cheap laser pointer off ebay and hold it up to the finder eyepiece, this i found was a cheap way to make sure i centered the correct star on the initial star aligment.
  8. Very nice, looks a bit like the one that came in the post this morning .
  9. Ebay, or you could buy a used already modded one from here.
  10. I find this site very helpful for choosing what to image, you can even specify magnitude.
  11. Ah, ignore me OP, i should have checked your scopes specs before posting. You will still need a T-ring and then a 1.25 in adapter.
  12. I believe it's just different terminolgy. What you could do is get one of these, Or get a t-ring which goes on in place of a camera lens, with for instance a t2 extension tube that screws into the t-ring, the extension tube length is dependant on the scope. For my mak i have to use the 50mm, for my primaluce i have to use the 25mm.
  13. Be my guest Paul, this time last year all i could image was fuzzy blobs, it's encouraging to have others like your images.