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  1. M1 Crab

    Love that 2nd one, it's also my fav nebula, i hope i can do it justice one day too.
  2. Moon. 12% waxing. 20.03.18

    Thanks very much guys, i so love a thin crescent moon.
  3. Moon. 12% waxing. 20.03.18

    Had a bit of a clear spell here tonight so got the tripod, 7D2 and bigma out for a quick and chilly stack of 20.
  4. As new, used once, cost me £109 from RVO. £75 delivered to UK addresses. Also a polarscope, fits above and EQ5. £25 delivered to UK addresses. Economy delivery on both. Paypal + 4% or BT.
  5. Leo Triplets before and after

    I am so pleased you clarified which image was what..... and that i read the intro..... i was going to say that the 2nd image is sooooooo much better .
  6. I think you need one of these but you also need a T ring, but don't just take my word for it .
  7. Moon, 21/2/18. 39% waxing.

    Finally a break in the clouds last night, not the 20% i wanted but i'm happy with the 39%. 7D2 and bigma.
  8. Giro mini + clamps + Manfrotto tripod

    Sorry , it will make a nice addition to my kit for some macro work.
  9. Giro mini + clamps + Manfrotto tripod

    PM sent for tripod.
  10. That was well worth the wait, it is utterly stunning, brilliant work.
  11. Canon d700

    £300 is a fair price for body only 7D, i would as always ask for the shutter count though.
  12. Canon d700

    The 700D was my first DSLR and it was a great camera, i now have a 7D mkii it's a fantastic camera with a brilliant AF system which i needed for birds in flight photography. The 700D though is perfectly adequate and more than capable for your needs but i wouldn't buy if it's only to be used for lunar photography, in fact i would probably go for the cheap neximage 5 that FLO have for sale at £50. Here is an image taken with my 7D mkii and 150-600 Sigma..
  13. Another blue super moon

    Thanks Alan, that's three for two .
  14. Another blue super moon

    Lol, i'm not copying....honest .
  15. Just spotted this while looking for a cheap CG5 GT. Seems like it could be a great bargain for someone local.