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  1. Just a few snaps from last night to see how well the new (used) Mak 180 performed. The barlow used was a x2 Meade 5000.
  2. MARS1960

    Atik 314L + cooled OSC. Reduced £400.

    Bump TTT. Still for sale if anyone wants to pick up a bargain.
  3. I'm going back to DSLR for what little AP i do, so the QHY8L needs a home. £490 delivered. Please note only one side of the red clamp screws down now, i don't find it a problem as just the one side holds both leads securely. Not got original box but will be sent boxed in lots of bubble wrap UK only as it will be sent via RM Special Delivery insured and tracked.
  4. Sorted thanks guys, ran them through PIPP and saved as TIFF, i have colour, yippeeee.
  5. I'm not sure what that means James. I just loaded the autosave into PI and it says Gray, my DSLR used to say RGB.
  6. Thanks guys, now i have a B/W image! is that what it's supposed to be from the QHY8, the vendor advertised it as OSC?
  7. Hi James, I gave it a try with DSS and it worked thanks. Mark.
  8. Hi Michael, It isn't a FITS file, it is a FIT file and i can't open it because i don't know what software to use to open it. I'm hoping someone uses ezcap-qt, it comes with all QHY cameras.
  9. I have just done 3 hrs on NGC 6888, i made a folder in ezcap qt before i started and clicked on save as FIT, i just packed up and went to the folder and i can't open the files to stack them. Can anyone help please, did i save them wrong in ezcap? Thanks.
  10. Yes you do, but i have what i would consider a small amount of sodium light pollution from a very small town to my NE. If anyone has bought the FLO one i would be interested in your thoughts.
  11. I used to image with a modded 600D and now have a stock 80D (not for astro but did try once while waiting for my CCD), for M42 at least there is no comparison, sadly i deleted the images from the 80D because they just wern't worth keeping. I'll follow this thread because i now need a 2" LP filter and don't know wether to just get the £26 one from FLO or go £179 for the Astronomik, now reading this there is a third to consider.
  12. MARS1960

    SGP and pixel scale.

    Thanks, i did that on the attached screen shot, i didn't realise that resolution and pixel scale were the same thing, we learn something new everyday, thank you.
  13. Hi all, Just downloaded SGP and i'm stuck on the pixel scale, i have the specs of my camera but it doesn't give pixel scale, i'm not even sure i know what that means. Can anyone help with pixel scale for a QHY8L please.
  14. I have moved from DSLR to CCD OSC. Do i really need to spend £179 for an Astronomik 2" lp filter or would the £26 one from FLO serve me just as well from my slightly light polluted backyard with the odd few orange lights to the NE, E. I'm using a QHY8L and an ED80. Thanks.
  15. MARS1960


    Ok, i'll play the fool, i'll just point out was on some new medication for my illness. How do you change the values the values in the planner? no need for an answer because it's blatantly obvious.

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