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  1. If it's the same focuser that the 80ED uses there is a simple DIY mod that i used on mine to stop slippage.
  2. Nice effort, it's a difficult target with a DSLR, i've tried it myself in the past, i think it just needs many, many hours of data.
  3. Wow, very nice indeed, especially V2.
  4. If you do Tim, drop me a msg please, i may be interested.
  5. Does this mean you might be selling the 72ED-R Tim?
  6. Cheers Alan, i think i'll make a start tonight if the BBC aren't telling porkies again .
  7. Cheers Alan. What was your total integration time?
  8. Very nice image. Wow, i didn't realise 3-4 on FWHM was bad, 3.5-4.5 is the best i ever get and i thought that was very good as that's the best i can get with BYEOS and a Bahtinov, maybe it's because i use a DSLR and a doublet?
  9. Very nice image. I would love to image this (one of my favourite nebula) but my location isn't really ideal sadly.
  10. Very nice indeed, i think i might have to invest some time in this object. Whats the fuzzy to the right?
  11. TBH i have never had a Stellarvue or read/heard much about them, same on the Esprit, on the other hand i've had two WO scopes both doublets and thought they performed well and they are quite popular among the AP community on here, hence thats what i would choose. I'm sure someone more experienced will be able to add something on the other two triplets.
  12. Gotcha, in that case, as it's AP you are interested in i would without doubt go for the GT81 triplet everyday, especially as it's a triplet using FPL 53 glass.
  13. That resource i gave you will show you what FOV each of those cameras will give you relative to the telescope, i usually pick andromeda for something large and something like the ring nebula for something small, this will give you a good idea of what your image will show.
  14. For sure but as Chris above said, have you considered what camera you will be using and image scaling? this is quite important as it will have an impact on what you wish to image. For example, use resources at the top of the page for astronomy tools and click imaging, put in one of the scopes and try adding a few different cameras, you'll soon get the idea.
  15. Thanks Chris, i'm still reprocessing it, i must do better .