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  1. +1 for NN as i live there . Great dark site is Kelling, they hold star parties there twice yearly. http://www.kellingheath.co.uk/holiday-accommodation-id170.html
  2. Hi Ross, I think you can use a program called stellarium and stellariumscope to test your mounts goto. http://www.stellarium.org/en_GB/ http://welshdragoncomputing.ca/x/index.php/home/stellariumscope/about-stellariumscope
  3. It must be a sunny morning.

    Cheers David, total cloud cover here now but at least i got a shot with the new scope.
  4. Cygnus Wall in SHO (Hubble Palette)

    Love it Steve, gives me even more reason to make the move from DSLR imaging.
  5. It must be a sunny morning.

    Cheers Charl.
  6. It must be a sunny morning.

    Here is this mornings effort. This time i used the Equinox ED80, modded 600D, 2 x ED Barlow. First image is a stack of 250 frames from a 1920x1080 MOV. Second image is a stack of 305 frames from a 640x480 MOV with crop mode enabled.
  7. I don't know of a solution but the first thing i would do is to install it to a different directory and see if that works.
  8. Disappointing Flying Bat

    Trouble is the canon is not very conductive so even when it's freezing outside i don't think the sensor gets any of that benefit. The specs aren't great compared to cooled CCD's but sensor temperature at 10 degrees below ambient will put us in the minus club in a few weeks and images with and without the box look very favourable. Only question i guess, is it it worth £165 to substantially reduce that damn noise?
  9. Disappointing Flying Bat

    Great effort Tim, that and the heart and soul i always find very hard with a DSLR, trying to bring out the faint nebulosity without the noise is a nightmare. I keep thinking of buying the Geoptik cool box from RVO.
  10. The Iris Nebula.

    Cheers Tim. It's a fav of mine but yeah, not an easy one and it looks like i need another 10 hours to get the dust clouds showing nicely.
  11. The Iris Nebula.

    Taken with the Equinox 80 and FF, modded 600D. 15 x 600secs, ISO800.
  12. M101, not the OMG version from yesterday.

    Typical, i dumped PS after 3 years last month, i use PI and Affinity, i do have that vid in my bookmarks from a couple of years back though Cheers.
  13. M101, not the OMG version from yesterday.

    Thanks AKB, noise is the bane of my life, i think a cooled CCD could be next on the shopping list.
  14. After my disappointment Friday and thanks to Freddie's prompt to check my DSS parameters, here finally is M101, i hope to add another 2 1/2 hours next clear night.
  15. OMG! what has gone wrong, please help.

    Thanks olly, i will align the camera next chance i get and i'll carefully check all those other subs. It was the square pattern 12 pixel dither Mike, but my Lacerta settings haven't changed across 3 different scopes.