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  1. If I was going to spend a lot of money on kit the first thing i would do is move house to a dark area to get the best from the tools
  2. Couldn't afford the Saturn 5 so had to make do with just the LEM, boy was that put together with care and determination
  3. Marvelous, thanks for sharing you skills with us sometimes i think people don't realise how valuable thier interpretation and art work is
  4. Greetings from Lincolnshire, I'm sure you will enjoy being part of the team
  5. Totally agree, indispensable to us learning freaks RIP Pierre, your gravity course is your epitaph
  6. Made a couple myself a few months ago to check the colimnation of a pair of 15*70 Binos, yes they work and if you make them yourself cheap
  7. Ah all we need now is a bowl of hot water with some Vick in it
  8. I'm having a monk's cowl made out of blackout curtain material, think it will keep my head warm in winter too
  9. Think you need to get your eye in, objects can be very elusive untill you first see them and you know what you looking for, you can then often go straight to then after that. I would recommend the beehive cluster in Cancer for a first look, the double cluster in Perseus or M35 in Gemini so that you can get some idea what your looking for. You really won't want anymore than 35X magnification to see them and do them justice
  10. Worrying, got a few of these around my way
  11. I cover mine in the garage with a poncho which i bought from Millets for about a fiver, also sometimes put it over it at night outside when i know i will be observing next day
  12. Hi, you could try flocking the inside of the OTA, it's not to much of a task on a 130P. I used some fine black felt which i bought for £3.50 from Boyes which i then stuck on with PVA glue. It has certainly got rid of a cast i had in mine
  13. Hi Vance, greetings from Lincolnshire, looks like you've already caught apuature fever
  14. Hi Jason, welcome to SGL. Looks like you and the ankle biters are going to have some fun
  15. We are talking about the real Lincoln here, not some small backwood town :-)
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