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  1. As an update...........I picked up the 8 SE last week. It was all ready set out to be tried and tested and we viewed some daylight objects like trees and hills all with fabulous results. The frustrating problem since then has been cloud, fog, mist and being away last weekend. Tonight though I've been able to get out for an hour or so before the fog started to descend. I aligned on Venus first and then turned to Riga in Orion I think. I didn't have much time to explore but it appeared to be really successful - I'd put myself up for a difficult and arduous job so I was really pleased.
  2. Thank you all. I'm really looking forward to the first use and hope the collimation doesn't need doing - I'll contact the seller again and ask the question and make sure it's set up for when I get there to view it. I'll report back and let you all know how I get on. Thanks for the post about the accessories Alan - I meant that it didn't cone with anything else over the original boxed items but it comes with all original items. Philip
  3. Hello again everyone! I've been looking at the forum and all the great advice that you have been giving with suggestions about telescopes over the last few weeks. I was going to hold fire for a few months and think about various scopes (I was weighing up a Nexstar 6 or 8 SE, a Skywatcher 150P explorer - or the Star Discovery - and then a Skywatcher 200 flex dob goto) all of them really sound ideas but my budget didn't come up to a new Nexstar 8 price (and just on the others!) but.........I saw a second hand 8 SE and have made the mistake or not !! of buying it. This will make me a bit short of
  4. Hello! Apologies for hijacking your threat a bit....Dave said mount, mount, mount. If I buy, for example, a Nexstar or Skywatcher 127 mak both goto, will the mount provided be ok and sufficient? thanks and apologies again! Philip
  5. Hi Craig, a warm welcome from cloudy Hampshire.
  6. Welcome from Hampshire, Chris.
  7. I'm currently saving/choosing a scope but until that hallowed day arrives, I'll make do with today when 'Turn Left At Orion' arrived which has me flicking through it tonight:)
  8. PhilipN

    New to SGL

    Like Nathan, I'm a newbie too but I've already asked some questions and received dome great answers.
  9. Many thanks for your replies. They are all very much appreciated and have set the grey matter turning:)
  10. A great series of posts which has kept me entertained over the last half hour! Many thanks.
  11. Hello all....happy Christmas to you all. I've got a conundrum after coming back to my hobby since I was a child. I had an Tasco refractor back then but now have a bit more know how and money to be able to buy myself something that will help me and continue the enthusiasm I picked up 35 years ago! Im not in a huge rush to buy - I have binoculars and have contacted my local group to go along go their next meeting - and when I do portability, cost and cost of accessories will be important as wel as viewing planets and nebula if that is possible. Ive always thought I'd go for a Skyw
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