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On 16/10/2016 at 09:32, Vicky050373 said:

...if anyone fancies helping me out with a shopping list to begin with, and then their time to help me put the thing together then I'd really appreciate it.


Happy to oblige chuck, as just finished putting ours together today in readiness for this weekend at Soupy’s (altho it appears it may just be myself n Hx on friday evening now??)



Total cost for this version: £120

Build time: an hour

Tools: Drill, hack saw / oscillating multitool / dremel

Weight:  Down to choice of battery. For this one, lots!


Shopping List

Socket set - 12v cig lighter, 2x USB, Voltmeter - £8

         Motor Car Truck Boat DC Digital Voltmeter Three Hole Panel DC 12V Cigarette Lighter Power Socket Dual USB Port GPS Port Power Supply Charger     


Fuse lines - not strictly necessary, but safety n’ all that shiz - £4

         DIGITEN waterproof In Line standard Blade Fuse Holder fuses+10A 10Amp kit car boat bike     


12v DC connector pack - £10

         MITE Assorted Insulated Crimp Terminals Spade Kit for Electrical Wiring Connector with Box (260PCS)     

OR 12v DC connector pack [with crimpers] - £8



Lesiure battery box - choose to suit size of battery - £18

         Caravan Yellow 110amp Leisure Battery Holding Box Large     


Battery! I went with a 110ah Hankook Leisure battery as want it for many purposes beyond astro... £56

         Hankook 110Ah Leisure Battery - XV110MF     


AND, 2 colours of 6A-10A equipment wire from Maplins (or use domestic 3 core mains cable).


and 2 differing colours of these on/off switches...


and one of these pushbuttons or similar...



Strap it all together, wire it all up and you have what should last an entire weekend from a full charge of 12v goodness, fully switched and fused.

See attached pics!

Wiring is effectively thus: red on battery [+] to FUSE to POWER pole of switch. ACC pole of switch to + terminal on cigarette socket / USB socket accessory we want to switch. Black from battery [-] to GROUND pole of switch. Black from battery [-] to - terminal on cigarette socket accessory.

Repeat for remaining switch & socket.

For the final pushbutton and voltmeter, red [+] on battery to FUSE to + pole on pushbutton. - pole of push button to + pole of voltmeter. - pole of voltmeter to black [-] on battery.

Just follow the wiring in the Rat’s Nest pix below and the above should make sense.



Rat’s nest...

Bottom left, momentary switch for centre voltmeter. Top left, on/off switch for left hand cigarette socket. Top right, on/off switch for righthand USB sockets.



Other end of rat’s nest... (the two black wires disappearing off down beside the battery are the quick connector for my maintenance charger)



Voltmeter... on a 2A fuse



Momentary switch on rear for voltmeter... hold for a reading.



Left hand switch is power on/off for left hand locking cigarette socket, on a 10A fuse.



And Right hand switch is power on / off for right hand pair of USB sockets, on a 5A fuse




Edited by Marci
Remove duff pics, add context.
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Nice effort there Marci and I'd say neat compared to most.

110ah should be good for 3-4 days woth your kit I reckon. 

Hope you get some good weather and clear skies as it's a lovely place. I would advise some dew protection for your lenses.

Just one thing I would say is Neutrik sockets are a better option than Cigarette sockets as they lock in and are much better connectors but means changing all your other kit plugs to the same. I believe they do marine cigarette sockets that do lock in. Not sure as that is what you've got already?

Same box as I used and the grab handles are really good. 


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26 minutes ago, Matt Scunthorpe said:

A locking cigarette socket must be a dream. The amount of times I've accidentally knocked my mount out of the power pack is unbelievable.

They are a poor Idea totally Matt 

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High Clouds over 20,000 ft most of this week gone. they tend to linger quite a while as not that effected by breeze or wind direction as low cloud, well that's according to Met Office for North of England.

Lets hope they start to disperse sooner rather than later !!!!

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Ive just forgotton about Astronomy this week and been doing other things. Weather at the momment looks cloudy here up until Tuesday where there is a small chance of clear skies. Lets hope the forecast changes before then

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You must have got an old out of date tape. The new ones are so small they fit in a phone so you can tape straight on to your phone. 

I would have thought you I.T folks would have known that ? 

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48 minutes ago, gtis said:

I wonder what's happening up 

soupys place at kielder

Marci and Helen up there friday night not sure who made it up for tonight? Hope they have some clear skies and lots of fun. 

I will be hopefully making the trip up to Galloway on monday but it's looking more like Tuesday as I've a few bit to do.

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I changed my mind about making the trip for a couple of reasons, looks like I made the right choice, but still sad as I really want to see those dark Keilder Skies one day !!! 


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51 minutes ago, 2STAR said:

I changed my mind about making the trip for a couple of reasons, looks like I made the right choice, but still sad as I really want to see those dark Keilder Skies one day !!! 


Eric yes me too

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