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  1. Skys have been pants this year, im still considering selling my astro gear, hardly use it these days
  2. lol, im thinking of it, then may plan something else
  3. I hardly come on here now, plus the weather is rubbish, not used my scope for a long time now, may as well sell it
  4. I would recomend, if you have a laptop used for Astronomy, that turning windows automatic updates off would be a good idea, causes too many issues. Also stops those momments when you get out into the field and the laptop needs to install updates that its downloaded the previous day. You can always run updates manually every so often if you wanted to as and when
  5. I was busy last night, by the time i got home just after 8, had some food, i just didnt feel like setting up and there was some cloud forecast. Hope everyone else had fun
  6. Who gets home at this time Ill be out tonight if its clear, some forecasts have some cloud around from about 10pm, but hopefully it should only be a small ammount. Might stop in my garden tonight, ill see
  7. yea, i went out, scope stayed inside
  8. ive had a long day at work today, id like to get out tonight somewhere with dark skies but looks like i might be staying in the back garden
  9. mine would be if it wernt for wakefield, its ok higher up, its not like all my northern sky is orange, just some of it
  10. Where i am at Royston, despite being about 7 miles from wakefield town centre it seems most of my light pollution is from Wakefield, my northern sky is much worse than my southern sky usually and for that reason i dont normally observe much in the northern sky. Wakefield needs to improve there street lights!
  11. Yea your probably right. The street lights near me though all point down. So the one in the next street doesn't shine into my garden. They should all be like this gain. That one near you looks unjustified
  12. Usually the councils are very good about installing covers on Streetlights
  13. Yea, its a shame its not tonight Matt, but thats how it goes. Looks like the its just going to be cloudy at the moment,
  14. Yea. Royston. Been here 11 years now but grew up in chaplethorpe, so loved there for 25 years
  15. Super image Jay! Your from my part of Wakefield too
  16. I'm in the south downs tonight and it's nice and clear here. No telescope though so I'll just be star gazing. Spotted 2 persieds last night
  17. It was a good quiz, thanks Paul Hope everyone has a good Summer holidays Chris
  18. Even im still here, although dont post much these days
  19. That's it. Got some here. Best stuff
  20. The best midge spray you can get is from Avon, I kid you not. We have some at home somewhere
  21. Glad some of you got out for some observing. Ive hardly done any this year, may as well sell my set up, only disted it off once i think since the new year!! ill have to try and get out tonight if i can
  22. I just drove past Damians house and spotted him looking up in wonder at the DLB
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