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  1. Adobe - If you have Photoshop CC 2018 (19.x) & earlier, Lightroom (1.x) or Lightroom Classic (2015.x) & earlier, stick with Mojave tops. Don’t upgrade to Catalina. These versions will never be patched to work with Catalina - Adobe REQUIRE you to have a valid subscription to more recent versions, all of which work fine with Catalina. An upgrade to Catalina may work for some CS6 onwards app (where the apps are already installed and functioning on an earlier version of MacOS), but you’ll be unable to clean-install these apps on a fresh install of Catalina as the installers are 32bit even tho the apps are 64bit. There are known glitches in CC versions prior to 20.x as it stands in Catalina betas that won’t be fixed (and Adobe have revoked all licenses for legit use of anything prior to these anyway cos they were naughty and illegally embedded Dolby technology without paying for it). See https://blog.conradchavez.com/2019/08/28/macos-10-15-catalina-will-adobe-software-work/. Anything CC2019 (20.x) onwards - ie: current versions available to CC subscribers - will work fine. PixInsight - "The current versions 1.8.x of PixInsight are only available as 64-bit applications for all supported operating systems. Please note that no 32-bit versions will be released anymore. Note also that any existing 32-bit version will no longer be supported or updated." - should be nothing to worry about here if using 1.8.x or above. APP - "APP runs on Linux (RPM & DEB), Windows & MacOS 64bits Operating Systems." implies it should be 64bit ready, but the APP chaps don’t go into much detail on sys requirements on their site unfortunately.
  2. I’m presuming you’re talking Sidecar, which lets you use a modern generation iPad as an extension screen - massively different to TeamViewer / VNC remote control... Install Duet on the Mac from AppStore, and Duet on the iPad for the pre-Catalina equivalent - s’been around since iPad 4 days. Catalina has it builtin and not requiring a separate app is all... However, you can set any Mac to create it’s own Adhoc WiFi network, and connect direct to it from iPad using ScreenSharing and VNC Client - no need for any WiFi router involvement. Click WiFi icon on Mac, and instead of joining a network, select "Create Network"... follow the process, then connect to that new network from iPad. Enable screen sharing on the Mac, install Mocha VNC on the iPad.
  3. Erm... no. All versions of PS can manipulate 8 & 16bit, since v3.x onwards (ie: pre CS1 days). All versions of Photoshop thru CS1 to CC2019 can manipulate 16bit images. SOME functions & plugins cannot operate on 32BIT images, and image must be converted to 16bit first (such as curves). None of this has any bearing on the o/p’s issue however.
  4. Enable ScreenSharing via System Preferences > Sharing. Use any VNC client on iPad. All Macs have had this builtin for 15+ years... no Internet Access required, just a local network.
  5. Measure continuity between ground and each optocoupler. When you press RA- or RA+ in PHD, it should close the signal between the relevant optocoupler output and ground. ST4 is rock bottom basics equivalent of 4 push switches.
  6. Synscan protocol REQUIRES connection to the Synscan controller. You can’t direct control the Virtuoso iirc.
  7. Side note as I don’t think it’s been mentioned: if you’re having to run things as administrator you’re going to have issues. There’s no need to run or install anything as administrator. It just creates more problems than it solves as things NOT running as (v.loosely speaking) administrator generally can’t talk to things that are & vice-versa, and you end up creating default profiles & sockets that can’t be updated by non-admin users etc.
  8. I use 3.65.5 (beta) without issue. See http://aptforum.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=2260 for changelogs from 3.65 thru to 3.65.5. Anything above 3.65.1 has the expanded object list... The _next_ release (3.65.6) should feature full INDIgo integration.
  9. They've expanded APT with a further 18000 objects in latest betas... just tick the "show expanded object list" checkbox in lower left of the Objects browser pane if you're a paid-up user with access to the beta versions. Without it ticked you'll just get "the usuals".
  10. *ting* https://wakefieldastronomysociety.co.uk
  11. Nope - tis the same thing... Photoshop can operate in LAB color space and split into Lightness, A (Magenta/Green), B (Blue/Yellow). Should be under Edit > Convert to Profile > LAB Color (or something like that iirc - word of warning: do this on a finished flattened image, as it'll flatten it automatically as part of the conversion). Usually I do this on a copy of the final component images, to pick up the L layer, and then drop it on top layer back in my regular RGB composite and set layer blending to Luminance.
  12. Just going off this output - recommendation is / was usually to disable power management for WiFi on rPi. Used to get this issue frequently on my home automation network until I killed power management off.
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