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  1. I hope you have a good meeting, I wont be able to make tonight as I am back in Scunthorpe again today - we lost my Dad a couple of months ago so have a lot to sort out, physically, emotionally and legally. I am definitely a few months over since when my membership ran out though, I cant make many of the weekday evenings, but im determined to start getting down to Winscarr when we go out and start up the AP again.
  2. A work colleague of mine is looking at buying 2nd hand HEQ5 and an 8inch or so scope, found this on the classifieds for him to look at - He's asked the question that on the handset, its labelled 'syncan AZ'. I assume that the handset has probably come from another mount originally, will this still drive the HEQ5 in the normal way, such as a original handset would?
  3. Looking at the bbc forecast its meant to be clear all of Friday night and some of Saturday night, just might have to bolt the telescope in place or you'll be asking to next door if you can get it out of their garden! Typical huh.
  4. Enjoy black hole Friday, courtesy of NASA https://inews.co.uk/essentials/news/science/enjoy-black-hole-friday-nasas-scientific-alternative-shopping/
  5. I wont be able to make it again tonight, however I did dust off the scope and imaging scope last night (and realised I've lost the charger for my power pack). So next trip out to Winscar then I can try and get my head around imaging again. Quite excited by it.
  6. Anyone had any colleagues ask them if your going to look at the Supermoon tonight? It really bugs me lol. How do I explain that the supermoon looks the same as every other moon that they've ever seen...
  7. A locking cigarette socket must be a dream. The amount of times I've accidentally knocked my mount out of the power pack is unbelievable.
  8. I need to get my head around AP again. Been far too long since my last attempt. Only problem is where I live now, the north star is blocked by pesky trees, so I will have to start heading out with you guys more often.
  9. BBC shows 'partly cloudy' for tonight, Saturday and Sunday night. Might get a few breaks but nothing worth planning for I wouldn't imagine. Maybe some point and shoot with the dob, or a bit of Moon action.
  10. Focussing is something I think I've only ever gotten spot on once, on one of my M57 images.
  11. Has the internet been down nationwide? No posts all day I don't have anything constructive to start a convo with either lol.
  12. Not done a lego kit for a good 10 years, but that might convince me, depending how good it looks in reality.
  13. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3830400/Former-policeman-spots-triangular-shaped-UFO-red-flashing-lights.html UFO over Holmfirth. Looks a lot like the pizza I had on Friday...
  14. There are some things you can do to help heat the house, I tend to cook in the evening as I'm normally home around 6-7, normally the residue heat from the oven if I leave the door open slightly (and hope the cat doesn't take an interest in climbing in) when its cooling is enough to stop the heating kicking in (thermostat being in the living room), same for when I use the tumble drier. I think that's just for when your super tight like me though lol.
  15. I normally let them estimate it, although last time they came and read it themselves lol, plus when I recently changed tariff I had to submit them anyway. No, you can opt out if you want too but the government wants everyone to have one by 2020 - still I think you can opt out for now (Id imagine it'll be compulsory eventually). I don't mind having the little reader thingy anyway, so that I can see the freezer is the highest usage and that I cant do anything about it anyway
  16. Yeah I currently pay same amount and summer offsets the winter. I didn't realise that was still an option afterwards. I figured it would be you pay the amount owed per month regardless. Im not sold on the whole smart meter thing to be honest, imo its a way in for companies to start charging for peak time energy.
  17. Got a letter from NPower this morning, getting a smart meter fitted in the next 4 weeks. It says that it ends estimated usage and you get billed per what you actually use. Does this mean low bill in summer, and a sky high one in winter? Or do they even it out still somehow.
  18. Is it a meeting tonight? I thought it was a couple of weeks until the next as we recently had one. In Newcastle working today, might not make it back in time. I'd of arranged another day if id of seen it!
  19. I struggle with motivation to go out on works nights as well, leave the house at 7 every morning, makes it a long day by evening.
  20. On my way home from scunthorpe and it was pretty clear but it's clouded over now around Doncaster
  21. Yeahh, a lot of it (all of it) is laziness on my part lol.
  22. Love the colour in the ring Eric. You a lot are making me want to get the AP kit out again.
  23. I might have to carry on with my Lunar 100 tomorrow night then and make use of the full Moon. But we'll see how many ciders I get through first..
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