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Finally finished my az3 modification


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Phew! Finally finished off my az3 mod to add some weight/s to the front end of the scope. Just finished attaching it to the scope, and tested it out with my heaviest load with the 2" diagonal & the Meade 40mm EP which weighs a ton on it own (combined weight just over 1.7kg). Works even at the highest point the scope can go and winds down OK with two weights fitted. When the scope is horizontal the weights are clear of the legs still, so no issues to move it around left or right. For most EPs etc I think just one weight will suffice, but it is easy peasy to add the second one if needed. Now, bring on the clear skies! ;)



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10 minutes ago, wimvb said:

Nice mod.

How's vibration? I can imaging that adding weight to the thin metal that hold the counter weight could cause it to vibrate.

Not sure on that yet as I have to get it out under the skies yet. Hoping that it will kept to a minimum, but I'll report back after I've used it a while. 

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Managed to have a few hours observing with the new weight mod I added on. Works extremely well once the balance point is reached. There is some very slight vibration that occurs when moving the mount up and down with the slow mo controls on the stand, but this is very minimal and damping down happens very quickly. If moved at normal speed when tracking an object in view then it is hardly noticible really. So, all in all pretty pleased with the mod.

Will be picking up a second hand Skytee mount tomorrow, so this mount now more than likely won't be used too often as long as the Skytee works out OK, but a handy mount to keep none the less me thinks. :) 

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