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  1. I've only platesolved in NINA and APT but there's no way it should take an hour! If it hasn't solved after a minute, something's wrong. Assuming your settings are all correct, are you also starting in the home position? The "Things to know" section here https://www.sharpcap.co.uk/sharpcap/features/plate-solving suggests you need to be pointing the right way fairly acurately to ensure it works. Have you tried blind plate solving? Hopefully someone who knows about Sharpcap solving will come along soon.
  2. That does sound like a pain. I bought my HEQ5 about 18 months ago and watched lots of videos and the belt mod was easy. Not that that really helps you... I can tell you thought that it has made a noticeable improvement to my tracking. I definately feel the benefit. Don't feel like there was a real reduction in noise when slewing though although I never really had an issue with that.
  3. I have pretty much an identical setup bar the 183 mc, I have the mono. I also shoot 3 minute subs for LRGB! The detail for me is faint when stretched so I imagine it would be fainter with the colour camera. As others have said, learn something like APT which will teach you how to platesolve so you know you are bang on target, then take a shot and use the autostretch tool to stretch the histogram and you should really see something, even if faint. You could also upload one of your frames to https://nova.astrometry.net/upload and it will solve the image and show you exactly what you've take
  4. I've used ZWO and Astronomik filters in it if that helps anyone. Kirkster, you live in the same village as me!
  5. Hi, this is the 1.25" or 31mm version. Here's a link https://www.firstlightoptics.com/filter-wheels/zwo-mini-electronic-filter-wheel-efw-5-x-125-or-5-x-31mm.html
  6. I bought this wheel on the 31st of July last year and it's as new basically. Just decided to upgrade hence the sale. I would like £125 delivered. Payment by PayPal with buyer to pay fees (I would advise against friends and family just for your own peace of mind). Thanks for looking.
  7. Good shout. Longer FL but not crazy long, can do planets and small DSO's, not too heavy and the price is reasonable. By jove old chap, I think you've cracked it! Day 367 of regretting selling my 6se
  8. You're right of course. I haven't outgrown the ED80 yet and got to the point where CA is the limiting factor. An Esprit 80 is hard to justify, better but not drastically. The 120 would necessitate an eq6 or the like which my wife is BOUND to notice. Might be back to a secondary Mak for planets and galaxies (if I can guide well enough).
  9. Yes I have an EAF and that does help with one issue I had with the focuser i.e. when I did up the lock nut, it moved the focus point away from where I wanted to set it which was infuriating. I did also do some work on the friction material on the drawtube to flatten that and give it greater purchase although it would sometimes still slip under weight which a focuser wouldn't stop. I must have just had a really bad one. I feel like this thread is turning into me ragging on Skywatcher ED80 stock focusers!
  10. £700 for an 8SE is not too shabby. It feels like people are asking that for the 6SE atm. I only paid £300 for my 6SE but that's another story. I agree with John, it's high risk, especially if you've never touched a scope before. The price would need to reflect that. In terms of an equivalent scope, Meade and Celestron are probably the main players for large SCTs. A better question is probably the classic what do you want to do with it? If you want something the whole family can use visually for example, a dobsonian might be easier and cheaper.
  11. Really hard to tell from pictures if that's just dust, dirt or something worse. If it is just cosmetic, it's a bargain and can be calibrated out or cleaned if it's that bad and you're careful. A new power lead and eyepiece are no issue. If it is really damage, a new corrector plate isn't cheap... Great scopes though. Is there any way you can see it or even test it out? Even a quick test in the daytime with a diagonal and eyepiece would tell you quite a bit. Try defocusing as well which will show issues more easily than an in focus image (If it looks bad in focus, might be best to walk awa
  12. Another cracker! You can see the increased detial at the longer fl but the ed80 isn't a million miles away. I would probably go more extreme fl wise with maybe a skymax 180 for planetary work which I miss
  13. True but the DS Pro Outfit (which is what I have) is £499, plus the Steeltrack and other odds and sods is over £800. You get the idea. I hadn't factored in selling off any parts. Did you sell your old focuser with screws or not? I had to drill mine out in the end as they're glued in which would effect resale value.
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