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  1. Nice work with your method Nebula! I do how ever have noticed on three different laser (cheap "china" laser, hotech and Howie Glatter) that it is a HUGE difference in how reliable they are. The hotech beeing the worst of theese three according to me, and the howie glatter with the tublug is very well made and Solid as a rock. /Daniel
  2. If you have compiled the exact code, and connected everything according to the code, try to hold the button pushed down for a couple of seconds... it is a timer function in the code that might need to run first. /Daniel
  3. Yep, a lot of money, for sure... But a SX lodestar is 570 Eur and a polemaster 340 Eur plus adapter rings at 45 Eur... So it depends of what you compare it to i guess... Still a lot of money though. *I do had the lodestar X2 myself, a truly kick ass guide camera! /Daniel
  4. Will this new camera revloutionize the astro photography? By the looks of it - it would gick the polemaster a tough competitor, and that is just the beginning! I browsed the internet and discovered this new camera, but it looks to be quite a work horse. The company sais it is wokring with "AI", has multi star guiding, can do polar align for you and also plate solve. I made a video, covering the main features which it is supposed to have. I need to have my eye on this company in the future /Daniel
  5. Made a new video, this is a Astro Systeme Austria specific video, which has direct driven servo motors. To get them to perform perfectly and be able to track unguided, you have to tune theese motors. I made a quick video of how the three different methods is working in the "Autoslew" software to run theese mounts. Maybe this method of tuning mount motors is related to other brands which has direct driven mounts? Best regards / Daniel
  6. You have absolutely right, totally forgot about that part (which some might find useful) Might just do another video covering that part /Daniel
  7. Hi, I have recently bought and mounted a third version of a weather monitoring station, this time a non DIY product - The Lunatico AAG Cloudwatcher and the Solo computer with it. I have been running a weather monitor for five years now, but because i lack front-end coding (or hasn't taken the time learning it) I have been looking for a out-of-the-box product which presents the data in a nice way. The difference between this product and the two other models I have made earlier is the raspberry pi and the webserver capability. The earlier versions hade the capability to output a "safe"
  8. Yea, probably should have done that, but the first minutes, I am just quickly covering how to do it on "regular" mounts, but the main part is about the DDM, for sure. I do not think that the Autoslew software is compatible with other mounts than ASA though. /Daniel
  9. I have read a couple of threads when it comes to direct driven mounts, and one of the most frequent questions asked is how to balace a direct driven mount, in my case a ASA DDM85. - So i made one where i show the basics and how sensitive it is, but a breeze to do when using the software provided. /Daniel You can find the video here:
  10. That looks really useful when out in the field! (and cool) /Daniel
  11. I totally agree with what u guys are saying, easy to use and perfect results
  12. Not my intention to hi jack the thread, but I made a video on how I am using the concenter eyepiece, and also try to explain in PowerPoint how to move the secondary mirror in order to get it properly aligned. Here is the video:
  13. I am satisfied with my eyepiece, but as you describes the Visus, i am eager to try that one out myself I have also seen that my version is available with a luminous ring also.
  14. This looks like a nice step forward, the only remark I have on the "original" concenter eyepiece is exactly that this new version might solve - It is a bit difficult to hold the eye in the correct position so that the circles is exactly in the middle of the visual center.
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