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  1. You can watch them without having Facebook It is an open page. well, I have the same filosophy, if it works - don’t change anything
  2. If you want to check my images, you can visit my FB-page at www.facebook.com/exophotograph /Daniel
  3. Ok. i am not logging, but at 550mm i have spot on stars, in the servo tune log i have under 0,3 Arc seconds tracking
  4. Hmm, my guidning is spot on in 90-95% of all my subs. are you running both Autoslew and Seq in admin mode? i have used them quite a while now without hickups. i am running win 10
  5. Are you running the mount with Autoslew and guidning with PHD? i have loves my DDM in three years time, i have not been guidning though, just MLPT.
  6. Hi, I have som problems with Maxim DL v5 and my ATIK 460ex mono camera on a win10 pro machine. I can use the camera with artemis capture and it works fine, so it seems not to be a driver/hardware issue. The problem is that maxim gets stuck in "downloading" as seen in the attatched picture. I have tried different drivers, re-installed maxim and installed as admin etc. Here is the log from maxim; 04:38:09*2 ____________ 2019-06-04 ____________ 04:38:09*1 MaxIm DL Version 5.08 started on DESKTOP-4K6EKP2 04:38:11>6 View, Camera Control Window 04:38:42$3 Connected to camera 1 "ASCOM" (CCDPlugASCOM.dll) 04:38:42$3 Connected to filter wheel 1 "SX Wheel" (CCDPlugSXFW.dll) 04:39:09*4 Started 1.000s 1374x1099 exposure, binned 2x2, ROI (0, 0) 04:39:10*4 Completed 1.000s 1374x1099 exposure, binned 2x2, ROI (0, 0) 04:39:20-6 Command ID 33006: Image1 04:39:20>6 Command ID 33006 (OK) 04:39:20-6 Command ID 33006: Image1 04:39:20#6 Command ID 33006 cancelled 04:39:30-6 Command ID 33006: Image1 04:39:30#6 Command ID 33006 cancelled 04:40:53>6 View, Zoom Out: Image1 04:40:54>6 View, Zoom In: Image1 04:41:10$3 Disconnected from filter wheel 1 "SX Wheel" 04:41:11$3 Disconnected from camera 1 "ASCOM" 13:49:35*1 MaxIm DL Version 5.08 exited Anyone dare to guess what the problem is? /Daniel
  7. I really second DaveS's comment on ASA mounts, it is a true dream to use when you get the hang of the software (which is getting better, and with the new wiki-homepage you should get a new mount going in an hour or so) I can image 8-10 hours several nights in a row without any problems at all, if the weather permits that is /Daniel
  8. I am running a ASA DDM85 today, and when i manage to get a good PA and model, it runs flawless, it is a absolute dream to have a mount that you don't need to guide. Regarding the focuser, i would go with the new Baader diamond steeltrack if that will fit. I have heard from reliable sources that this one will outperform feathertouch (I have not tried this one myself though) /Daniel
  9. Hi Tonk, The time will tell, all i can say right now is that the Per's wonderful mind-set regarding astro-gear was a one of a kind. I met Per a couple of times and we discussed ideas, the family has to have their greiefing period off course, but maybe, the work will go on. /Daniel
  10. Is it possible to fit the focuser on a Meade 102 series 5000 APO? /Daniel
  11. Wow, you really have put some nice work on evolving the sensor, will this program work without the ethernet shield? I have now run mine the whole winter without any glitch, see the attached logfile. The graphs you have made looks neat! /Daniel
  12. Hi, i was wondering if the lodestar X2 will be able to put out approx. 10fps to be working as a meteor camera or is there any limitations in the read out time on this one? Maybe someone has tried this already? Will a 1/3" 180 degree CS mount lens work with the camera? /Daniel
  13. So, i think it´s time for some "long-time" feedback. It´s running 24/7 and have done so for almost a month now, without a glitch, at all. There has been almost flood-like conditions in Sweden during September with almost 30-40mm of rain some days, and the sensor keeps on going. The values seems very consistent and reliable, it reports back to the Sequence program as it should and it seems to be all good, there is some question marks left though; The rain sensor (cheap china sensor) looks like it corrodes, I assume I have to just look and see how long it lasts. Maybe someone have a picture of a AAG or similar to compare with? The setup dialog box Indicates "Overcast or fog" under the Cloud Sensor settings, even though it is clear weather, it doesn't really matter but is a nice feature. After have been watching the setup dialog box then and now for nearly a month, i clearly see why the other makers have a program to look over the parameters etc. when i close down the setup dialog box and hit ok, the driver runs flawless, but i simply have to rely on the hardware to work as it should. To sum it up - /Daniel
  14. It sure is possible, but i think they are expensive :-/
  15. No dew detected so far, the heater pad inside looks like it keeping it away :-) And during the Swedish fall, there is a lot of dew. /Daniel
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