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  1. Hi, i have made a video where i show a coople of eyepieces that i use and like, and also show how a barlow works, compared to the "Powermate" from Televue. And how is the FOV affected when changing the magnification with different eyepieces? Feel free to comment and give me feedback - I hope you like the video! /Daniel
  2. Hi, I have just recieved the last item which was on back order for a couple of months from USA. I already had the Infinity Eyepiece but was waiting for the BlackCat. Everything was ordered from FLO and i was very happy with their service. Instead of writing an essay, i made a video of how I use the tools and how they look, but in short - Theese tools are FAR superior to the Howie glatter, even with the Tublug. /Daniel
  3. First of all - Is the laser collimator collimated? Even my hovie glatter laser was off when i first bought it, so it is a good idea to check if it is collimated. you can do that by rotating the laser in the telescope focuser or make a X-shaped cradle to rotate the laser in, then main point is that when you rotate the laser - the laser dot should not be moving around but stay put. I have made a youtube video of how to collimate a collimator explaning how to do that. You can find it here: /Daniel, Exo Photography
  4. I used it on my 10” f3.4 astrograph dew shield and was very happy with the FLO flocking material, it has how ever peeled off in one small area, nothing you can’t glue back though. /Daniel
  5. So, i made a weatherstation based on a project earlier listed on CN forum, I have links to the git and the author in the video description on my youtube channel. it measures among the usual weather data also cloud/sky temp which can be used for cloud detection. https://youtu.be/lUNXSJwviDM
  6. Hi, I recently made a video of how to mount a Sesto Senso focus motor to a Starlight feather touch focuser. I have now also made a video of how to calibrate it and also how to measure the backlash of the rack and pinion gear of the focuser. This method is not limited to a starlight feather touch focuser but could be performed on all kinds of focuser. I hope this video makes it easier for anyone out there having problems with backlash. You can also check out my other videos of the focuser / focus motor here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm50WzpT1YKCwghW13b6k-g?view_as=subscriber
  7. Hi guys, I have made a video of how to mount a Primalucelab Sesto Senso focus motor on a true 3" Feather Touch 3215 focuser. I thought some of you might wonder how to use the extra collar you need to mount the motor on to the bigger versions of the FT focusers, and also how to align the motor shaft. Enjoy
  8. I think it becomes easier if you do it a couple of times, but yes, HG is easier to use.
  9. So, I have been testing three different kind of lasers, each one is supposed to be the "best" in each category or what you want to call it, the hotech and HG is almost the same, but whit the difference in how you lock it down. The Catseye is very different in how it works. I made a Youtube video of my thoughts https://youtu.be/ERF33hNVieQ What do you think? which one do you use? Regards, Daniel
  10. Hi, i just wanna mention that i have started a youtube channel a couple of months ago. My main focus is to explain how all gear works, collimation, all kind of software that I use etc. Feel free to take a look and i am more than eager to listen to what i can do better to improve my videos, and also tips on what to cover in the upcoming videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm50WzpT1YKCwghW13b6k-g?view_as=subscriber /Daniel
  11. Hi, i just wanna share a in depth review that i made on how the Primalucelab Sesto Senso works, and how i actually runs an autofocus routine with it. you can watch the whole review on my youtube channel here:
  12. Ok, so you don't insert the laser with the lock collar fully backed off, but tightened just so you can insert it in the focuser?
  13. Yea, that might solve the issue. Just to clarify - when you are mentioning the "grooves" - are you talking about the grooves on the laser that the rubber rings are sitting in or the grooves in the focuser for the brass ring that tightens the eyepiece?
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