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  1. This is mine. Lots of different sizes and quick delivery. https://www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk/roc-cases-flight-case-with-foam-block-silver-l310xw240xh130mm Some. Have pick n pluck foam but this was a solid block. I posted previously about how I cut the holes using a cut deodorant can!
  2. Thought people may like to see my recent custom design for my SkyWatcher Heritage 130p... As a big Apollo misson geek, and not being a fan of the stock astronomer names wrap on the 130p, I decided to get creative. I used a great moon wall sticker just £6 from Ikea (https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/p/kinnared-decoration-stickers-moon-00448463/) as well as some matt vinyl stickers from Redbubble, one for each Apollo mission patch. Below is pics of the mod in progress and the end result - would love to hear what you think!
  3. Found various threads on here and other forums about flocking dobsonians/newtonians but couldn't find specific images of disassembly of the very popular SkyWatcher Heritage 130p flextube and flocking of the OTA. So having ordered some DC-Fix black velour sticky back material (can be got from various places including FLO) I thought i'd share some photos of the process from start to finish as it may help someone else in the future... Images below with notes... 1. Focuser and shield flocking This was the easy bit. A strip stuck inside the focuser, and just unscrew the
  4. Was looking for a simple and sturdy 3-legged stand or table to raise the height slightly of the Heritage 130p when viewing on the lawn away from my garden table and so my 7yr old daughter can stand and observe easily. Suddenly came across this thread on Reddit which seemed to have the perfect solution from our Swedish friends at Ikea... https://www.reddit.com/r/telescopes/comments/doi3n5/skywatcher_heritage_130_or_awb_onesky_ikea_kyrre/ (see pictures below) and also discovered some more customisation ideas for the same stool in this thread from across the pond...https://www.cloudynights.
  5. Can't be a good pirate without a telescope or rum! #AstronomyEssentials
  6. The BCO arrived today so the collection is now complete (for now!) and although they're not top-end high value eyepieces, I'm really happy with the selection as they all come highly recommended on these forums and didn't cost the earth! With these and my brilliant little SkyWatcher Heritage 130p (AWB OneSky) hopefully I should have plenty to help me start properly exploring the moon and night skies over the coming years!
  7. Ok cool, cheeky question I know but what is the absolute best price you could sell for? Im a newbie just starting out and having bought my scope and a number of eyepieces recently im really tight on budget... Thanks, Callum
  8. Having read so many good reviews for sharp lunar views I couldn't resist and just grabbed a bargain - £28 for an 18mm Baader Classic Ortho! (Dropped to £48 on Amazon and I had £20 gift balance) so the "final" set is now... 5mm TS Planetary HR 6mm Skywatcher UltraWide 66° "Gold Line" 8mm BST Starguider 12mm BST Explorer 15mm Vixen NPL 18mm Baader Classic Ortho 20mm Vixen NPL 25mm Orion Sirius Plossl 32mm Meade 4000 Super Plossl Heard the BCO barlows well too so with my 2x Celestron Ultima I also potentially have 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 7.5mm, 9mm, 12.5mm and 16mm. Not
  9. Thanks for the advice all, I thinned the herd a little and sold some of the cheaper eyepieces, swapping the 12mm Celestron Omni plossl for a bargain 12mm BST Explorer and then couldn't resist and decided to get the 18mm Baader Classic Ortho as I saw a quick deal on amazon and had a gift voucher so only paid £28 delivered which I think is pretty good considering the rave reviews it gets, especially for sharp lunar views so cant wait to try it. Unfortunately as much as I'd love to consider a larger aperture dob or refactor in the future, with limited storage space and a 7yr old running aro
  10. Glad to know all my efforts kicked off a debate about international BO control . Wasnt quite what I expected!
  11. So, been browsing the 150+ pages of this thread and getting lots of ideas and tips to help me create my first eyepiece and accessory cases! Cases are from www.cases-and-enclosures.co.uk and only cost around £13 and £15 delivered. Much as I love to see the lenses on their sides in all your cases, I needed to store vertically in order to fit in up to 10 eyepieces plus filters etc. I'm just starting out (have a SkyWatcher Heritage 130p) and with a few lockdown-induced ebay bargain sprees have pulled together what I think (hope) is a good little collection of modest but well-respec
  12. I also could not resist working out what area I had captured (Gassendi crater) using a moon map app and overlaying the image...
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