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Vibrations from ZWO ASI cameras effecting star shape?


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Stumbeled upon a forum thread saying the some of the ZWO ASI Cameras has issues with vibrations from the fan.
I don't know if i had any issues with my fan (having a ASI 2600MM) but I am to corious not to test this out.

I made a video of how I (try to) analyse my vibrations with my phone as it has a accelerometer, which indicated a bit better values after the mod.

You can find my video on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q0K_7oEQbEg&ab_channel=ExoPhotography

Have you noticed anything like this? Have you made the mod? Have you changed the fan for another, better one?

Regards, Daniel




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This is a very easy and cheap mod, so I invested 100 SEK (£ 8 ) in silicone studs for my ASI294MM PRO. (Btw, that investment fixes 4 cameras. You buy the studs in packages of 16.)




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Hi again, it has been awful weather here in Sweden during the autumn, but I did get some clear skies during the holidays, and got to compare images from the spring 2022 where i had the "old" fan mountings.
I did how ever also changed my secondary mirror which also might have had "some" effect of the images....
But here is the video where I compare before and after the mod:



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Hard to say which part improved what, unfortunately.

It's not easy to attribute a particular improvement when you change more than one parameter during testing.



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