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Walking on the Moon

Jupiter, Mars & Saturn...

Kokatha man

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Took a week & a half off fishing, relaxing & visiting old friends at their beachfront house at the bottom of Yorke Peninsula in South Oz...caught plenty of calamari to stock the freezer & upon returning to Carrieton in the Upper North before we came home (for what looked like at least one decent night according to the forecasts) we were rewarded with good seeing on the final night. :)

Seeing earlier in the evening for Jove was quite decent without being really good, although quite a lot of detail was resolved in the GRS...Mars early in the morning was much better, as was Saturn, especially when one considers their elevation in comparison to Jupiter: we returned home quite satisfied from the fishing, socialising & imaging! ;) 




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Astonishing detail in the red spot, and the cloud cover on Mars is impressive.  How do you decide on colour balance for Mars? My RGB images are coming out redder than yours (see below for an image from 14th April 2016). Also struggling a bit with overexposed edge towards the sun - any advice welcome!

Mars 14 April 2016 RGB v2.jpg

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Exceptional work Darryl. Your processing here is superb. You must have had some seeing that night to produce these. Enke is difficult enough here in the UK but you seem to have resolved all of the rings!

Really well done again.



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Thanks to everyone who responded - appreciated! :)


Lacaille, that's a rather nice Mars image you've posted without even knowing the scope nor camera used...but most folks in Oz have it riding very high & offering plenty of opportunities if the clouds stay away & seeing is reasonable... ;)

Send me a message via my website if you'd like me to comment specifically - I'm always happy to give assistance: http://momilika.net/  

ps: here's an iR685nm image from that session which shows the NP hexagon rather well imo... ;)


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