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  1. Thanks very much for these instructions. A few weeks back I tried unsuccessfully to install CFM to update my new CGX mount. I made sure I had the latest version of Java, but still no luck, then found and used the first part of your para 3 instructions. Still couldn't get it to work. I couldn't quite face your italicized next section ("If that doesn't work...etc"), but I got back to it last night and succeeded eventually, working down in the depths of the shortcut, feeling like a computer hacker! You have done a great service here, but it does seem surprising to me that Celestron can't prod
  2. Thanks for all the great images. It was too cloudy for any imaging where I am in France but I saw some of the live feeds that were available on the web. After the event, I found myself wondering if anyone had created a site where several live feeds from around the world were simultaneously presented - a sort of dashboard of feeds. That would allow you to look at any that were not currently clouded over and might also allow you to see and compare parallax effects from different points of the compass, especially at Contact. It would be beyond my capabilities to do this but might involve an ad
  3. Quite astonishing! Who needs interplanetary space probes?
  4. Astonishing detail in the red spot, and the cloud cover on Mars is impressive. How do you decide on colour balance for Mars? My RGB images are coming out redder than yours (see below for an image from 14th April 2016). Also struggling a bit with overexposed edge towards the sun - any advice welcome!
  5. Hi there, I have been assembling this sequence in Australia and will repost after opposition.
  6. Just discovered this excellent resource, thanks! Intriguing the remarks about doing sketching. I do sketches of landscapes here on earth and it is very true that it helps you to see more, but I hadn't extended that thinking to astronomy. Anyway, I am a beginning astrophotographer. I attach an image of my work in progress for this year, tracking the approach of Mars to opposition. I have tried to get the images to scale. (Done with 8SE and Neximage 5 plus 2X Barlow; except for 19 Mar with ZWO120MM plus 2X Barlow). Hope I get clear nights in early June!
  7. Hi All, I am possibly moving to Copenhagen and was wondering if there are any members from there who can give me an indication of how the skies are there - how many clear nights do you get over an average year, any reasonably dark skies in the vicinity etc.
  8. Could you use the bino eyepiece to have a webcam (e.g. Neximage) in one and an eyepiece in the other for ease of focusing and alignment?
  9. Thanks for all the welcome messages. Though a long time Australian resident, I come from Lancashire so I sympathise with all those of you wishing for our skies here! Having said that, the last few nights have been a bit Lancastrian! Auspom, the Siding Springs fire was Jan 2013 and it was a very near thing; Mount Stromlo Observatory outside Canberra went ten years before in the 2003 fires that took a lot of our suburb and almost our house.
  10. Thanks all for the warm welcome! Yes, the skies are good over Canberra, but I am hoping this year to make a road trip with the telescope (Celestron 8SE) to the edge of the desert - Coonabarabran/ Siding Springs where the professionals have some big optical telescopes - on the assumption that the seeing will be even better.
  11. Thanks Aaron - that is a serious setup you have there! is the seeing generally OK from Sydney or do you tend to travel inland?
  12. I've enjoyed browsing the images on this site and thought I should actually participate! Just getting back into the hobby after many years and enjoying the new tools available to the amateur from laptops, webcams etc that weren't around in the 60s.
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