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  1. Martyn, that's a great capture at such a low elevation for Saturn. Well done!! Pete
  2. Thanks all, much appreciated as always. Pete
  3. Had some good seeing for a brief period on the 25th May and this image was the best from this night. Pleased with the details considering the time elapsed since opposition but all in all a very tricky season!! Pete
  4. Excellent work and lovely processing once again Angie. Pete
  5. Lovely images Simon. Nice to see you getting some good results. Persistence pays off in the end!! Pete
  6. Very nice image Harvey. Glad you had some better seeing to be able to push the focal length. It looks a bit heavy on the red as far as colour balance goes but otherwise good detail and a pleasing result. Pete
  7. Very well done Martyn, a fine result for first light with the new cam in less than ideal weather by the sounds of it. Pete
  8. Nicely done Harvey, a decent image. It's good to see you getting some better conditions to work with as it's been tough so far and the few days around this period seem to be about the best we have had. I admire your persistence in getting results from the big scope also. Pete
  9. Really lovely images Angie. Processing is beautifully subtle and adds to the overall quality of the images. Pete
  10. A good image Pete for turbulent air. Your persistence will hopefully be rewarded soon with some steady skies. Pete
  11. A great image for Jet stream seeing Pete. I hope we can all get a few more decent nights before the season is over. Pete.
  12. These look great Simon. Very nice processing as well!! Pete
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