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  1. Martyn, that's a great capture at such a low elevation for Saturn. Well done!! Pete
  2. Thanks all, much appreciated as always. Pete
  3. Had some good seeing for a brief period on the 25th May and this image was the best from this night. Pleased with the details considering the time elapsed since opposition but all in all a very tricky season!! Pete
  4. Excellent work and lovely processing once again Angie. Pete
  5. Lovely images Simon. Nice to see you getting some good results. Persistence pays off in the end!! Pete
  6. Very nice image Harvey. Glad you had some better seeing to be able to push the focal length. It looks a bit heavy on the red as far as colour balance goes but otherwise good detail and a pleasing result. Pete
  7. Very well done Martyn, a fine result for first light with the new cam in less than ideal weather by the sounds of it. Pete
  8. Nicely done Harvey, a decent image. It's good to see you getting some better conditions to work with as it's been tough so far and the few days around this period seem to be about the best we have had. I admire your persistence in getting results from the big scope also. Pete
  9. Really lovely images Angie. Processing is beautifully subtle and adds to the overall quality of the images. Pete
  10. A good image Pete for turbulent air. Your persistence will hopefully be rewarded soon with some steady skies. Pete
  11. A great image for Jet stream seeing Pete. I hope we can all get a few more decent nights before the season is over. Pete.
  12. These look great Simon. Very nice processing as well!! Pete
  13. Many thanks Harvey. The seeing was certainly better for a few nights around this period but it was still some way off being completely calm. For 30 degrees elevation though It would have to be exceptional seeing to get very calm air. Pete
  14. Hi Steve. To be honest I've never undertaken a direct comprison to determine the amount of improvement with my own equipment but at this elevation for Jupiter the ADC is a worthy addition in the imaging train even for mono cameras. The dispersion is quite pronounced if viewed with a colour camera and once the levers are correctly set this all but disappears. If you are imaging with a colour cam then this is where the ADC is most beneficial. Pete.
  15. Thank you all for your kind and generous comments. I will hopefully get round to processing the Jupiter data from the other nights but have around 500 gig of Lunar to get through as well. All good fun!!! Pete.
  16. It seems like ages since I did any planetary imaging and since I spent many years just focusing on this element of astrophotography it felt good to be imaging Jupiter again. A lot has changed though and the elevation we have to contend with now is a real challenge. The forecast looked promising for three nights on the trot in Somerset, the Jet stream being well out of the way and a nice high pressure region sitting over us. My expectation for some calm seeing was high. Unfortunately I think I set my hopes far too high as the live view was less than ideal but considering how much atmosphere we are having to look though now I suppose it wasn't too bad with a few glimpses of some detail apparent. I did capture from the 6th, 7th and 8th but this I think is the best from the 7th with the other data still awaiting processing. It may be some time before I get the chance to look at this being so busy with other commitments at the moment. Taken with my usual set-up, 12" LX200acf and ASI174mm cam. Operating focal length around 10m. Regards, Pete
  17. I agree with Simon in that you produce lovely images at a consistent quality, well done Angie. Pete
  18. Top job with these Peter. It's going to be tough to get any more than this for quite a while!! Well done. Pete
  19. I really like these images Simon. Lovely processing and some great detail captured considering the elevation. Very nice work!! Pete
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