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The Optical Array

Left to Right:


Baader Sky Surfer V


Teleoptics Ercole Mount, Orion SkyView Pro Extension, Celestron AVX 2" Steel Tripod

C9.25 SCT


Note the correct use of the eyepiece tray and the mandatory Bluetooth speaker upgrade.  This is the CORRECT way to do visual ;)



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Ha!  I might have put the Baader 40mm RDF on the right on the SCT, but the base of the RDF is slightly too fat for the Agena Astro finder shoe bolted to the SCT!

Maybe I need to buy a RACI for the SCT to balance out the number of tubes on each side?!  Kind of pointless though as the ED80 with 21mm 100degree eyepiece is functioning as a mutts nuts finderscope - it's producing a 4.4 degree true field at x23 magnification via a triplet Apo lens!  Synta 9x50 finderscopes produce the same field (well, 4.5 degrees).

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