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  1. Price reduced to £15 each or £27:50 for the pair plus postage.
  2. Hi there everyone, does anyone know of a lighter pillar extension for the EQ5/CG5 type tripods? The Tripod in question is actually a Berlebach but it doesn't make any difference as it has an M10 male thread and fits the usual CG5 extension. I use this Tripod in my grab and go set up with a Mini Giro Ercole. The usual CG5 extension is heavy (about 5kg I think). I'm looking for something lighter that still has M10 threads. The SW AZ pillar is the wrong fitment at both ends (3/8") and is also a lot shorter. Any ideas gratefully received
  3. Yep the Ethos 21 and 13 are great in the CC6. I think they are a very worthwhile investment, since I got my Ethos EPs I haven't felt that there was any other EP I could get that would improve on them. The only possibility is the ES30mm 100 degree but that needs 3" focusers and diagonals and weighs a ton thus creating balance issues, and then using an adapter when you switch to 2"EPs, I don't think its worth it for me.
  4. Heinously expensive! I am lucky enough to have bought most of the Ethos range when they were much cheaper a few years ago due to exchange rates and often with 10pc off on those Astro Festival weekends. I never bought the 17mm as with my existing shorter scopes there wasnt a need for an EP between the 21 mm and the 13mm. Now that I have an 8" CC as my main high mag scope, with an FL of 2436mm, the Ethos 17mm is very useful as it produces about x150. Otherwise my closest choices were x116 and x187.
  5. I bought this exact scope (115 triplet FPL51) from TeleskopExpress.de last year and it's my go to visual frac. It's a great scope, snaps to focus, very sharp, nice contrast, and not too big or heavy to mount. I got it pre Brexit so there was no VAT or extra charges. Service was good and dispatch was quick.
  6. Lovely little right-angled finder scope so up and down are the correct way when you look through the eyepiece. Nice clear optics. Left and right will of course be switched, but I find this is better because it means the view moves in exactly the same way as any scope with a diagonal in it. As my scopes are mostly refractors and Cassegrains which use diagonals, I find this kind of right angled scope is most useful. I also prefer 6x mag to 9x, as I find less magnification makes it easier to find targets. The scope I was using this with is now sold and I mostly use red dots on wide field
  7. Eyepiece has now been carefully cleaned with Baader Optical Wonder fluid and microfibre, photos updated.
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