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  1. I wonder who swiped the other one? Looks like no more FC100s hitting these shores til June/July...
  2. Maybe Seriously after last night's lunar I am totally convinced by flourite Taks. I also noted just how useful the quick cool down is as well as portability. The CC6 has relatively fast cool down, but my time on target for the moon was very limited and the Tak showed just how perfect it is for immediate use grab and go. Now imagine the FC76 and the FC100 next to each other on the Mini Giro Ercole for grab and go, one set to wide field and the other set to whatever mag works best for the target
  3. Last night I had some epic lunar views with the DC-76. Now I don't know who else noticed, but yesterday FLO had two FC100 DCs listed on their website. I've been monitoring the page for a while and tonight in the last couple.of hours or so someone ordered one, leaving just one. RVO still have none. Short version; my credit card hurts. Also, does anyone have a Baader clicklock M56i or Tak.2" visual back they can sell me ?!
  4. Had an unexpectedly clear night last night and had some time on the moon with the FC-76 and the CC6 on a Mini Giro Ercole. The FC-76 was ready to view immediately and I was able to push it to x190 with the Televue Zoom. Lovely crisp sharp views with lots of contrast and huge amounts of serial, totally outperforming what could reasonably be expected from 76mm of aperture. The CC6 struggled at magnification at first since I started viewing immediately with no cool down, but ended up giving good detailed lunar views but perhaps not quite as sharp as the FC-76. However, where the CC6 did
  5. Pretty sure I've used it on my 127/952mm triplet and it was good. I'll try that combo when there's some clear sky! Would give a big field at x20 and 3.4 degrees.
  6. This is my beautiful 115m F7 Triplet (800mm FL), bought new from Telescope Express just a year ago. Really excellent triplet FPL51 and Lanthanum which gives super crisp contrasty views. I can easily get well over three degree fields out of it. It's only been used for visual so the beefy 2.5" rotatable rack and pinion focuser has hardly noticed it's been used. It has a dual speed focus control that has a very nice weight to the knobs, so I've never even considered moving to a Feathertouch even though I'm a big fan of them on less well spec'd scopes. The optics are clear and almost com
  7. Lovely "Really Perfect Lens" 45mm Stellalyra Kitakaru 2" with a whopping 62 degree AFOV in a beautiful metallic red finish, as new in original packaging complete with lens cloth (never opened), dust caps and original box I preferred this to my Panoptic 41mm as it doesn't kidney bean anywhere near as much. I bought this brand new from FLO about 2 months ago and I've enjoyed using it in my long FL scopes, most of which are now sold/being sold to fund a very expensive Takahashi habit. Moving to short FL scopes means I don't really need this EP and it ought to go to someone who will use
  8. Introducing the Silver Red Dot Finder! Premium RDF to match latest model Takahashis
  9. It's very good, only selling as i have other plans to fund...
  10. Just used the Panaview 38mm in better skies (very little cloud, still at home with LP) and it was very good. Sharp 80per cent of the field and then minor coma, but I have to say minor and not distracting. I noticed because I was looking for it. Even though it was only at x15 it was a fairly dark background.
  11. Still available, new photo of objective attached
  12. Just doing a bit of reading and the OVL Aero 30mm ought to balance nicely at just 350grams but may show minor coma at the outer edges. The APM UFF 30mm would be lovely (at twice the price) but weighs about 560 grams. That should still balance as it's lighter than the Ethos 17mm Hmmmm...
  13. Contrast is a little hard to assess as the sky background is lighter in the 38mm at just x15, compared the the Ethos 17 at x33. But it does seem good considering the low mag. I like it in my CC6 and 8 where it has higher magnification.
  14. It's really very, very good at F7.5, as sharp across the field as EPs priced many times as much. I have considered buying the 32mm Panaview for this reason, but I can't see many reviews about, other than a general consensus that the 38mm is the best in the series.
  15. One nice widefield EP I've found that does balance with the FC-76 is the Panaview 38mm. I haven't spent too much time with it and the FC-76, but it's sharp across the field to my eyes (although my eyes may not be as fussy as some). It only weighs 500g. It produces x15 and 4.7 degrees.
  16. I see it as having two set ups; one travel set up based on 1.25' (scope balanced to the middle of the dovetail) and a home set up for 2" (scope balanced at the back of the dovetail). Travel: Pan 24mm, Ethos 8mm, Nagler zoom 6-3mm Home: Ethos 17mm (liking this more and more for the FC-76), Ethos 10mm, Ethos 6mm, Ethos 4.7mm Definitely try your 13mm
  17. You're damn right! I may hate Tak green but the whole scope? Some things are just sacrilegious.
  18. Apologies to offer an expensive solution but I was experimenting with the medium to short FL Ethos last night between gaps in the clouds. The 6, 8, 10 and 13mm all balance pretty nicely and give lovely sharp views across the field. The 17mm Ethos might be my new favourite in the FC-76, it's as wide a field as the Pan 24 but at x33 instead of the Pan's x24, so the background is darker. To balance the 17mm the dovetail does need to be as far forward in the clamp as possible (flush with the back of the clamp), but it does balance without counterweighting. The Ethos 21mm is too heavy to balanc
  19. Yep I have the Stellalyra CC6 which I use for Grab and Go visual alongside a Tak 76. I use it on a Mini Ercole Giro which holds it well. Cool down is fast due to open tube, it's sharp and contrasty. Not as sharp as a Tak 76, but then nothing else I've used is! Great for getting some aperture on small DSOs like open clusters, small nebs, galaxies. For really grabbing faint fuzzies I use it's big bro the CC8, which is now my main high aperture scope (even though I also have a good 10" dob, I prefer the CC8 alongside a 127mm Apo).
  20. The Hercules tube rings are a good colour match. They also have various mounting options. I've added a matching aluminium finder bracket to mine. For aesthetics the RDF should probably be on the back ring, but for practicality it's better on the front. Now to dig out a can of Alfa Silver car paint and spray that RDF to match!
  21. They are really nicely made and finished rings and light too. I don't know.the diameter for the TSA I'm afraid.
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