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  1. Hi guys, I am new to this whole thing. I have just began imaging and my set up is a skywatcher Ed80, heq5pro, evoguide 50ed, zwo183pro, zwo120mm mini... my question is I’ve imaged the Orion and tarantula nebulae so far (not too good as post processing so any tips on tarantula would be much appreciated) but I REALLY want to get the rosette. When I take 3 minutes subs - nothing at all shows up besides the stars..... no neb colours or clouds at all do I need a special filter? Or is the ed80 and zwo 183 just not capable of capturing it? Thank you!
  2. You’re a legend thank you, I’ll definitely give this set up a a red hot go, Astro camera might be on the cards in the future, if I succeed. I’ve read so many negative things about the Ed80 not being that great so it’s probably just throwing me off.
  3. Why do you keep Answering my questions with a question im the one trying to get info here hhaha
  4. Well the scope isn’t as good (capture as much) as say the espirit 100 or 120 which I was kind of looking at, but they are a bit above my price range and weight for the heq5 so I was hoping for something in between the quality of the evostar ed80 and day the espirit triplet 100 or 120 telescope
  5. Hi everyone I am new here, I live in Perth Western Australia (bottle class 5) and have just brought my new set up. There hasn’t been anyone in the area I can talk to about astrophotography so tried to do it all myself online and I fear I may have incorrectly purchased some things. (I tried to get things one at a time for budget purposes) I have this set up heq5, evostar ed80, .85reducer & corrector, evoguide 50ed, zwo 120mm mini for guiding and just my canon 200d mkii for the imaging. The telescope, I think I may have brought something that’s not great for imaging and that’
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