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  1. I had a bresser 127L, which I sold to finance a SW 120Ed. In all honesty I found the R&P hexafoc (single speed) much better than the sw dual speed crayford even though it's a good specimen. Especially with 2" diagonal and heavy eyepieces. If you just want to invest in a nice accessory for your scope go for a sw 72ed to use as a finder.
  2. I see that there are some great actions for PS out there but they come at a price. Have you come across any free and good actions, that you can recommend?
  3. Now, let's see what's the hype about this little item all about.... A small step for my imaging equipment, a giant leap for my photos (hopefully).
  4. I would consider as a serious telescope, any well-executed instrument that offers a very good image of what the instrument's aperture is capable of providing.
  5. Take a look at this thread to check your connections and DB9 pinout
  6. I see now... Didn't know that the handset connects with DB9 for Eq6. So from FLO I see that you have to use the supplied cable to connect to the sw WiFi adapter, which you did. So it appears that some cable connection that should be straight, is crossed or the opposite. ( Some photos of these cables on the net appear to have crossed connections at the RJ45 plugs). Since the module powers up and blinks upon connection means that power supply is ok, so maybe exchange Rx with Tx cable?
  7. It works great with my azeq5, only thing is that it utilizes only one of the two snap ports that azeq5 has. I haven't used my hancontroller since I made it. Next thing to do is control it with APT via ascom synscan mobile driver.
  8. RS232 VS TTL https://www.sparkfun.com/tutorials/215
  9. I think that the DB9 connection is neither 3.3 or 5 v TTL, instead it is the -18/+18 v. You should use it (and plug it) instead of the hand controller.
  10. I've been thinking of getting a used dslr of MPB to modify. Most likely candidates are 450d-500d-550d, although I could get a cheaper 350d and use my unmodified 600d to focus via live view, then swap cameras at the t-ring to fine tune focusing via short subs. So which one of the Canons is the easiest to self mod using Lifepixel tutorials?
  11. Very nice. Good to see you're posting again.
  12. I had placed a wanted ad for an Ha filter but now I am seriously thinking of getting an optolong L-enhance filter for my dslr. Getting Ha and OIII at the same time seems intriguing. But how do you process the data to produce an HOO image? How do you split channels, process and reassign them on PS? I can't find any tutorial on this, using PS, only APP.
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