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  1. Very glad you liked it! The response time becomes really better if there are not many wifi networks interfering with the signal. Most of the connection problems I've encountered were due to the smartphone's power & wifi settings. Ofcourse you can use your PC (thats what I do). Just download the "synscan app pro" for windows and the "synscan app" ascom driver from here: https://www.skywatcher.com/download/software/ascom-driver/ and use it with APT, stellarium, cdc etch.
  2. How long before there is an astro-mod / ir filter removal service for phone sensors?
  3. I suspect that all the southern coasts will have a pretty much lp free view of the south. The south coast of Crete, here in Greece, facing miles and miles of empty sea before north Africa, is great and not so crowded even during summer holiday season.
  4. Just realized that Brexit thing... It looks that our customs will be charging me with vat on their commercial prices even though they are second hand. So I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but it looks like someone else will take advantage of this bargain. Great gear at an even greater price!!
  5. A 6" frac isn't an excessive load for this mount and in any case it would not cause any damage to the motor itself. There are two different friction clutches in the RA gear train that prevent damage to the motor and allow manual movement, my guess would be that they need some adjustment. There are two pdfs on the mount's strip down in this thread.
  6. I've got a spare. You can have it for £20 plus postage and PayPal fees, but I am located in Athens, Greece and shipping might not be very fast. Also I think that there were 2 versions with different undercuts, mine must be the first version, can send you photos to verify match, if interested.
  7. Shot from Athens Greece one day later, on the 22 of December, with Canon 600d and SW 120ed. Didn't gave it more than 10mins, couldn't get my eye of the eyepiece...
  8. These clouds have to go away, there bad for my pocket.
  9. A warm welcome from me too. My only advice is to start with something smaller and lighter like an 80-100 F/5-F/7 doublet or triplet refractor or a fast & wide lens as the samyang 135 f/2. The main thing with astrophotography is how accurate you can track your target, and while you have no astrophotography background, you seem pretty seasoned photographer to understand that you'll get a worst photography with a 300mm telephoto lens than with an 85 when hand held.
  10. Hello all, I need your ideas on this! With a mono camera and narrowband filters, should I be aiming for equal total exposure time per channel, or get longer total integration time for the fainter channels?? Also, is it a good idea to keep identical sub exposure time on all three channels, or should I try to have the histogram peek at the same point on all channels by adjusting my sub exposure time accordingly?
  11. What is more expensive than astrophotography?? The answer is diy astrophotography equipment... Unfortunately I've managed to cut the tiny wire, not from the start but after 4 hours of successful scraping, when I was almost there.
  12. Ok, that's a teaser. More photos and info please....
  13. It probably is an older model without set point cooling which runs to the max. APT has no way of knowing what the Tec is doing. So feel the casing of the camera after 5-10 minutes, and if it is a bit warm, then the cooling works fine.
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