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R26 oldtimer

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  1. R26 oldtimer

    Baader ha

    Ok, cheers. Have a quick sale!
  2. R26 oldtimer

    Baader ha

    No sweat, but is that UK sale or UK delivery, because for a slight price reduction I could still take it, delivered to a London area address. Don't mean to push you, it's up to you, whatever you decide, it's fine by me!
  3. R26 oldtimer

    Baader ha

    If this can be £100 delivered to Athens, Greece, consider it sold.
  4. R26 oldtimer

    What did the postman bring?

    Today the postman brought me this So now, I can use this and this and this! All of these lenses hadn't seen any light since the film era, and as I recall they were pretty nice.
  5. R26 oldtimer

    William Optics RedCat 51 APO

    And at the price of the Tak fc60....
  6. R26 oldtimer

    William Optics RedCat 51 APO

    Oops!! That seems to be that scopes Achilles heel, that will kill it for astrophoto. I think no one will fiddle with 3d printed solutions and stepers to focus a £750 50mm scope.
  7. R26 oldtimer

    Alternative to Baader Zoom?

    Comparing it side by side with a celestron 8-24 zoom, which is considered to be decent, I would say that the only cheaper alternative to a bhz is a second-hand bhz..... Especially on an ed scope.
  8. R26 oldtimer

    Andromeda Galaxy

    It's not just light pollution. Hundreds of years ago, people spend more time outside and slept under the starry skies. Hell, even when I was a child, we used to drag a mattress out to the balcony, during the hot summer nights, to sleep under the stars while enjoying the occasional breeze.... Now we all stay inside our airtight - air-conditioned apartment....
  9. R26 oldtimer

    Am I a cheat? A question of morals.

    I don't think post processing is cheating. Cheating would be an out of focus image of Sirius with the title "That's what a star really looks like", or a capture of thin clouds with tweaked colours with the title " New nebulosity nebula discovered". But all of the above cannot be replicated by another imager, while astrophotos of the same subject, however processed, share the same features, aka look alike.
  10. With the 8se with 2032mm focal length, you will need exceptional skies to go beneath 8-10mm eyepiece. So there isn't much point in barlowing the bhz....
  11. R26 oldtimer

    Purchase Advice - EQM-35 v HEQ5 Pro

    I would go for the Heq5 and keep the SA. The eqm-35 won't be a happy medium. It won't be anywhere near portable compared to the SA nor as capable as the Heq5.
  12. I use the es 2x focal extender with my bhz. It's absolutely brilliant for planetary views with my f10 and f7.5 fracs. So good that I recently aquired a 3x extender for those few ultra clear-steady nights. Sometimes, I prefered the views of the above combination instead of the great 5 and 6 bgo.
  13. R26 oldtimer

    Is FLO Safe?

    Have they changed the sticker to "warning, may contain cats"?
  14. R26 oldtimer

    Why was my wife a little upset??

    You shouldn't have extended the tripod legs, plus one leg seems to mark the wooden floor.... What? did you think you're the first to try astro gear in the house???
  15. R26 oldtimer

    Listing Equipment

    I wouldn't worry about listing my equipment in a forum such as SGL. I think it would be easier on a thief to steal and sell an everyday £20000 car than to scan specialty forums to track down £5000 hard to sell equipment.

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