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  1. That's a great combo, you won't be disappointed!
  2. I have full-spectrum modified a Canon 500d and a 600d. I have found that I needed to screw the three torx screws all the way in, in order to achieve infinity focus with the kit lens at 18mm. Also, even with the same zoom lens, the focusing point is different at each focal length, and this of course is the case with different lenses. If you wish to maintain autofocus, this can be adjusted with a particular lens and only at a certain focal length. Best practice with a full spectrum mod is to manually focus using liveview.
  3. Telescope? Microscope? Horoscope? Horrorscope!!!
  4. C'mon now, you know it wasn't meant like that! It is just that when on a tight budget, it is better to spend on things that actually make a difference, like the mount, or camera. You will not see any better guiding from the 50ed compared to the standard 50mm finder.
  5. No need for the Evo guide 50ed. It's like buying a hut with gold doorknobs. Better use a normal 50mm finder and spend that extra money on a heq5.
  6. Now, look what appeared at my doorstep this morning. It was specially priced at 78€ as it was a customer return. Also, to continue with my good luck, even those are sold as barebones, the tech guys at the shop, forgot to take out a 4Gb ram and 60Gb ssd, that they probably installed to check it's working fine + w10 os. Imagine that I was browsing for a similarly priced decent industrial USB hub, when I came across it.
  7. For me, sometimes it works, sometimes it just makes a mess, like you've said. The image has to be "slightly stretched" to work, so I guess a lot depends on that stretching and a bit of trial & error. When it works, the result is really amazing and allows you to blend pinpoint stars again in PS. Worth a try.
  8. Very nice. Try to run it through Starnet++ .
  9. I also have the Bresser Messier nt150s. Never owned a pds, but the larger secondary, the 2.5" inch focuser (single speed) and the fact that when focused to infinity with a dslr, places the protruding focuser tube just outside of the light cone (a problem known to 130pds owners), made my decision in favour of the Bresser.
  10. Imaging ngc6888, from dusk till dawn...
  11. But the O.P. already has a star adventurer for unguided imaging with a small scope or lens.
  12. I've got an azeq5 and recently acquired an azgti. The small azgti is meant to be mounted on a photo tripod with a fluid video head instead of a proper wedge. What I mean is that it's really lightweight and extremely portable and just about handles my 80 ed guiding below 2arcsec s. But... When I went to a dark site this last weekend, I was wondering which mount to take with me. When you factor in the dslr, the telescope, the power tank, the laptop, a couple of extra batteries, chargers, guidescope, guide camera,... etch etch, it struck me that the bigger mount was not the limiting factor "bulk-wise".
  13. At first glance, I misread that as "steel wool"
  14. Down here the standards are a bit stricter (elot HD 384). We protect 2.5mm cables with 16amp fuse, 4mm cable with 20amp fuse and 6mm cable with 25amp fuse. Try not to exceed 2/3 of the fuse amperage when calculating/distributing your loads.
  15. Third night in a row, collecting data from ngc6888. 7 hours from the last two days, and I'll be happy if I manage 3-3.5 hours tonight. Going for 900sec subs with optolong l-enhance and modified 600d.
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