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  1. The key difference between them is that the Ed80 & Ed120 are F/7.5 , while the ed100 is F/9, which makes it a bit slow for AP. So you'll find numerus photos with the ed80, as a great starter scope, and many with the ed120 (however less than the ed80 due to larger image scale and mounting requirements), but not as many with the ed100, which is oriented more towards visual.
  2. Since I shot m51 recently, I gave a shot at processing your data too. Here it is, although I did't do a great job with the synthetic flat.
  3. Couldn't have said it better, you 've just nailed it!
  4. I upped my game two weeks ago with 90sec subs. Unfortunately there was strong wind making 2/3 of 180 subs completely useless. This is what I got from 62x90sec subs of m18-m82. ED80, azeq5 and Canon 600d. Thinking about how to put a closure to this thread, I 've decided to revisit m17 a year after I 've started this journey last August. Until then I hope I can capture more of those summer nebulae!
  5. And at 8:59, an ad for a mint Takahashi at 10% of the retail price appears.... Good luck with the upgrade SGL!
  6. Last week I was in a fairly dark location with my ed80 and unmodified 600d. Having an intervalometer now, and tried to up my game from the 30sec subs to 90 or 120. Shooting some galaxies I found that the mount (azeq5) coped just fine unguided with no apparent trails. The histogram was now at about 1/4 instead of the " just cleared the left side" 30sec exposures. All seemed great, but I didn't take into account the strong wind. When I checked the subs half of them showed wind trails. Since I was imaging for a good three hours and expecting at least 2,5 hours of decent data, I ended up with just 50mins. Which makes me think.... Since my total exposure time was 3 hours should I had better gone playing it safe with three times as many subs at 30secs with lower drop rate, say 10-15%?
  7. Excellent report GavStar. And one I wouldn't have noticed if burried in the visual observation section. Again congrats and keep up posting!
  8. The real question (for EEVA at least) is 224c or 290mono.
  9. Yeah Lars, and you left them behind, when you went back home!?
  10. That looks a bit "top weight". I would mount the dslr under the main scope dovetail.
  11. Hello and welcome!
  12. And we have the first contestant for the solar imaging contest! Very nice!
  13. Here is a better stack, sorry everyone! Autosave007.tif and here is how I've processed it, I'm sure you can do better than that.
  14. Hahaha, just tried to process the above stack and this stacking artifact appeared: Is there any Scottish whiskey called galaxy? Might sell them the photo for advertisment!!
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