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Wakefield and District Astronomical Society (WADAS) Events page

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As our home thread is getting pretty massive and can be a tad hard to follow at times, this will be the official thread for WADAS events.

To make it easier for members and potential members and members of the public to follow and see what we are doing please only post relevant events related posts here, including, but not limited to, meetings, observing meet ups, star parties and other relevant events.

Please keep posts to a miminum to make it easier to follow.



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Hi all, A pleasant evening in terms of company but very little to write on here astronomy wise. Managed a few brief views of the stars through tiny gaps but not much else. Hopefully we will have bette

Hi all, This isn't aimed at anyone in particular and I know we all want to post our experiences. Just for clarity of arranging and keeping track on the forth coming events and meets, for members and

As our home thread is getting pretty massive and can be a tad hard to follow at times, this will be the official thread for WADAS events. To make it easier for members and potential members and membe

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First official notification is of the WADAS kielder star party this weekend. You should have had your members email about arrangements for meeting up if you are coming. Please reply so we know who to expect and when you are planning to come up if you are.

Thanks soupy.

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Second Friday of every Month
Weather permitting we will be aiming to do some observing up at either Winscarr Reservoir or at Middlestown please keep an eye on our social media pages for updates on this event.

Its that time of the month and although some are going up to Kielder to enjoy perfect dark skies - us less fortunate souls who are stuck in Yorkshire must make do with a night out around here.

Do we have any plans for Friday night? As the forecast looks promising and there is a good ISS pass at 8.15pm too.

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Take a look here guys before setting off and press the forward button.


BBC has it clear after midnight

Met check also showing mist fog for the woodhead tunnel rocks

XC weather for dunford bridge has it clear all night


Well according to that weather map it's cloudy tomorrow night

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Same here. If it is nice I will be up there at 9.00 at the sailing club car park ( the one with the picnic tables)

Is that the best spot at winscar by the sailing club ?, is everyone going there please


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Nights for me Monday so I won't be venturing out.

Hope Vicky is OK she must be badly into the withdrawal symptoms by now not having access to SGL easily?

I think she's talking soupys ear off lol having said that there's not much to report apart from its cloudy oh look more cloud and have u seen that more cloud lol


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Just to confirm, our next official event is a society trip up to Todmorden observatory on Friday 23rd. Please keep an eye on your emails for further information.

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    • By Liv
      I saw another post similar to this on here and the replies seemed to be very believable and informative so I thought I’d ask here.
      For the past week or so I have been sitting outside at night between 10pm and 12pm and just watching the stars come out. I haven’t been using my telescope because I didn’t feel like I would need it. The skies have been very clear and the stars beautiful but I’ve been noticing some strange happenings in the sky. I’m not saying ufos I’m just wondering what these may be, so let me explain further.
      First my mother and I witnessed a singular light, white light flying through the sky. There were no navigation lights or sounds. Just a singular light flying by, we ruled out airplanes because it was two low to be one but was also way too fast to be a helicopter. I’ve seen them twice and they always seem incredibly high up and barely distinguishable from stars. They aren’t shooting stars because they fly completely differently. Another thing I have noticed are flashes, like stars that get bigger and then suddenly disappear, like a flash. And I mean completely disappear! Now I’m sure I’ve read of these things before in one of my astronomy books but I’m honestly not sure what they could be. They fly and react different to any aircraft or stars so I’m intrigued. They also appear as if they are stars and look like they fly or flash right next to real stars. 
      Now I feel like I need to note that I know a lot about astronomy it has amazed me since childhood and I am a skeptic. My family has a long history of being in the airforce, mostly as engineers and creators of new technology so when it comes to lights in the sky we usually have a good answer, but no one could explain these sightings. I also live near an airfield so I don’t understand why (if these aircraft were from there) were flying so incredibly high up, so fast and so far away from the airfield, they seemed to come out of the night and fly off and back into the dark. It was also completely clear nights with little clouds during these sightings.
      I’m asking here because I believe anyone who reads this will have a good answer for me and won’t immediately ridicule me for thinking I saw a UFO. Please let me know if there’s anything you think this could be or any questions you have! Thank you so much for reading and happy stargazing!
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      I just recently got 15x70 Celestron Skymaster binoculars, and finally got a nice clear sky. I'm in bortle zone 4. I looked up online how to find certain messier objects, and looked for them, but i couldn't find them. (btw, i do have a tripod, and i used that most of the time) Why couldn't I find ANY messier objects?? I was certain i would be able to find some.... 
      Any tips?
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      Hi everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I just wanted to ask if anyone had any ideas for projects to do, as the sky is clearing up and i wanted to make the most of it. Anything, maybe finding or tracking a certain celestial object or mapping the moon! I'll leave it up to you!😊
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      Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well! I recently joined this forum for the express purpose of answering this question: Why does Mars look like a simple star through my telescope? I have a Starsense Explorer LT 80AZ refractor with a 10mm, 25mm and 2x Barlow lens, and my telescope has a max magnification of 189x! So why is it, on a pretty clear winters night, that the mighty Mars, the Red Planet , looks like a humble star. I love stars (who the hell doesn't) but i rather hoped to see a planet. What am i doing wrong? AM i doing something wrong or is my telescope inadequate (i doubt it though). I use the 10mm plus the Barlow, and still nothing. Is this just how Mars looks through a telescope like mine? Or maybe i'm not looking at Mars at all. Although, according to my research, the Red Planet currently resides in the constellation of Aries. Correct? Please. please answer my question as it is driving me up the wall. Plus, if anyone has the time, could someone recommend a good astronomy app, other than the starsense one, that you can just point at the sky? Thank you so much for reading this. Have a lovely day.
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      Hi, I got a skywatcher classic 200p just before xmas and I havnt done much planet viewing due to not having more than a 10mm eyepiece for magnification. I recently got a 2x barlow lens and tried viewing last night with a barlow and 10mm lens and it came out very blurry and I couldn't see any detail and it still seemed quite small. I was viewing on a close night when there was a break in the clouds so may have not been the best conditions. Any tips for how much magnification I need and how to see it better. Thanks.
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