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  1. Had several hundred items in my van today that have been onboard the ISS
  2. Be aware they may not be as good as the Karrimoor gear of old, they are now owned by Lonsdale, which are owned by Sports Direct, which is why the stores are full of Lonsdale branded gear, YOu may have got lucky, I had a pair of Karrimoor walking boots from SD that were quite cheap, lasted for years
  3. how much you asking for the mount? can collect if price is right
  4. Go you Ursula, you have come a long way since I gave you that crappy celestron EQ mount, for your first scope
  5. Eric, have a look at the jumping Jack supermax power supply, costs £80 - £100 depending on where you get it, I have one it powers my very power hungry laptop (asus ROG i7) and my very unpower hungry mount all night long,
  6. wouldn't worry about it, no one attending would let you go without hot food or water if yours don't work
  7. yeah me too, runs off one of those calor gas onion shaped propane canisters (red (Propane is better than Butane when its cold) also have a bistro single ring thing runs off those aerosol type cans, its ok for boiling a kettle wouldn't worry too much about cooking facilities we all usually share any way
  8. I put an off cut of carpet ontop of the groundsheet that matches the footprint of the tent, then I put an old double duvet down then sleeping bag with me in it on top of all that, and have been perfectly fine and warm on my experiment test run Last march at soupy's which I think as in april, I used an airbed and froze so much I eneded up sleeping in the cab of my van with the engine running all night to keep warm. Have never used a camping bed so cant say if any good or not, but the whole idea is to insulate your self from the ground with as little air in-between you and it as possible
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