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  1. NO but i start work at 4.30am. five days a week, and seldom home much before 6pm, and in bed for 9pm
  2. I get all that, but in the last 2 years I have managed to get out 3 or 4 times with the scope, being limited because of my working hours and location to only being able to get out Friday or Saturday nights is not helping.
  3. what were the skies like out there, I was camping just up the road at Monk Fryston during the Tour de Yorkshire last month and thought it might be alright for an observing site, am planning on asking the owners of the site, a farmers field if they would mind it being used.
  4. I been up there a few times usually park up at the gliding club, if there is anyone about there or an event on they don't mind you being there once you let them know what you are doing
  5. Si t seems we 'broke' SGL, do we win a prize lol
  6. I never said a word, or is there another 'Leigh' on here?
  7. Had several hundred items in my van today that have been onboard the ISS
  8. Be aware they may not be as good as the Karrimoor gear of old, they are now owned by Lonsdale, which are owned by Sports Direct, which is why the stores are full of Lonsdale branded gear, YOu may have got lucky, I had a pair of Karrimoor walking boots from SD that were quite cheap, lasted for years
  9. how much you asking for the mount? can collect if price is right
  10. Go you Ursula, you have come a long way since I gave you that crappy celestron EQ mount, for your first scope
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