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  1. As you can see in this second quote, those are the ones i tried finding. None of the other objects would be seeable for me until summer i think...
  2. My binoculars are 15x70 skymaster celestron... not 15x20 I don't have a finder... i do have a sturdy tripod.
  3. I know.. I tried it tons of times, carefully measuring and hopping..... but i didn't find anything.
  4. Well, i was trying to find M48, M67, M44, M81, M82, M51, M3, M104. Didn't end up finding any of them....
  5. I just recently got 15x70 Celestron Skymaster binoculars, and finally got a nice clear sky. I'm in bortle zone 4. I looked up online how to find certain messier objects, and looked for them, but i couldn't find them. (btw, i do have a tripod, and i used that most of the time) Why couldn't I find ANY messier objects?? I was certain i would be able to find some.... Any tips?
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