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  1. I have a camera as part of the Global Meteor Network. This article describes the GMN's contribution to observing and predicting the landing area. The main picture is from my camera, which was the closest of the GMN's network - about 40 km south of the eventual find.
  2. I caught it on my meteor camera down here in Wiltshire:
  3. 4mm or 6mm is fine. I've been in regular communications with the person running the project. He sent me this parts list. I wish I had that at the start. I'm still not fully up and running. My lens is a 2.6mm which isn't suitable. I bought a 4mm lens but when it came it didn't fit my camera housing. So now I'm waiting for a new camera housing from AliExpress.
  4. Thank you for the in-depth reply Pete. I'm lucky that I have a brick shed with mains power in the garden, and I'll be mounting the camera housing on the side of that. I can keep all the kit inside and only run the camera cable outside. Good point on the lens, I didn't know which to use and I punted for a 2.8mm. I can always order another one if needed. The cameras need to be setup using CMS on a windows machine first. This is the issue I have with my current USB camera, I can't find any software like CMS that will allow me to configure the camera for use in the RMS network.
  5. That's the one I bought. It's a USB camera.
  6. Of course, I wouldn't but it's a courtesy. I am contributing to his network after all and he might like to be quite specific over the equipment used. Thank you, I've decided to get the IP camera. I didn't start this out to be challenged with code and config. I'll just wait a few weeks for shipping and hopefully it'll all come together. I'll post an update when it's done. Paul
  7. Thank you for your reply MaJiC79, I have a 3m USB extension which will be long enough to run out to the camera position. lsusb shows that the camera is connected and I can view a live feed via VLC. I'm happy the camera is good to go. The monitoring and capture tool is automated, I just need to work out how to change the device from an IP address to a USB device. I think I'll email Denis back, I don't really want to break into his scripts without permission.
  8. Hi all, I'm planning to follow the DIY Astronomy guide in this month's Sky at Night magazine. I have everything except the camera. I have a USB camera with the correct chipset but I can't seem to find a way to configure it using CMS. I was sent this guide by Denis, the Prof who runs the GMN but it is specifically for IP cameras. Rather than continue to pester him, I thought I'd ask the hive mind here: Is there a way to configure my USB camera to work with the system? or Does anybody know of any UK distributers of this camera on AliExpress (or similar)? I'm hoping to get
  9. I came across this same little asterism while unsuccessfully looking for NGC 188 tonight too. I found this old thread while searching for tips to find NGC 188.
  10. I have all my fingers crossed for another clear night before Jupiter and Saturn dissappear, so I can show my wife and daughter. They will love it.
  11. As the link keeps breaking, here is the text of the article: HOW TO START RIGHT IN ASTRONOMY By Alan MacRobert Adapted from Sky & Telescope "DEAR SKY & TELESCOPE," the letter began. "I am 20 years old and new to astronomy. I have always been fascinated with the stars and universe. What would you suggest my first step be to get into the hobby, so that I might get the most enjoyment out of it?" It's a good question, one that deserves better answers than most beginners find. Many newcomers to astronomy call
  12. After some negotiation with my wife, I bought a 70mm Sky-Watcher refractor, second-hand from Facebook. I wasn't expecting much but I had an hour in the back garden this evening and I was amazed to see Jupiter and the Galilean moons so clearly. I was even more amazed to see Saturn's rings. Best £45 I've spent this year I think. I attempted a bit of smartphone photography. Not my best work.
  13. Fantastic work. The depth is amazing.
  14. This is brilliant. A great project to start with my kids.
  15. Hi, thank you for your really informative post. We currently live in Nuneaton, Warks but will likely move in the summer to the Bath area. I'll have a good look around for clubs. Thank you again. Paul
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