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Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 148 frame animation 10-01-2014

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Chipping Norton amateur astronomy group (CNAAG) had a good turnout last night on a windswept disused airfield near the town. We all huddled together in the lee of a container which serves as the model flying clubs store to set up our mounts to view and image Comet Lovejoy, five equatorial mounts an Astrotrac and a couple of Dobs made it very snug but the comet was visible to the naked eye and easy in an 8x30 finder.
I was using my FSQ85 with an unmodded Sony A7s and managed to get 148 x 30sec unguided subs @8000iso.
Here's a link to an animation of all the frames

Stack of 32 frames to show the tail detail



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    • By Vland
      Hi all, I tried my takahashi reducer 0.73x (CR version) for the first time with my FSQ85.
      I can see a distortion problem but I'm struggling to understand the reasons. you can see it happens before the meridian flip and also after, in the exact same ccd area (QHY268M APS-C sensor).
      I'm pretty sure the reducer 0.73 should be able to cover an APS-C sensor without issues.
      The right part of the image looks like my sensor is too close to the reducer, with stars pointing towards the centre.
      but why the problem isn't mirrored on the left part?
      single exposure 60s, some zoom-in.... (full pictures attached)
      upper right corner

      lower right corner

      upper left

      lower left

      thanks for any input! 

    • By stevebb
      Comet Neowise above Filey Country park
    • By JCJC
      Hi all! I've been out of the game for some time now but nice to see familiar faces on SGL! I hope everyone is well and keeping sane and safe!
      Lots seems to have changed! New cameras, new software, new lots of things! It's hard to get back up to speed after a few years. My Dad (Mick J) keeps me updated. The general image standard is now so high it seems! 
      I have a bit of a natural break in work and life things so enjoying some time in Crete with other half's family currently. First time using portable set-up for me and to be honest a lucky capture with the comet in the frame mostly by accident!
      Approx 55 minutes total of 30s frames and some 10s frames for M42 core, ISO 400. Modded Canon 450D, Samyang 135mm F2. Skywatcher StarAdventurer.
      Similar version of lockdown here so taken from city location and passing cloud but happy to just have some time to enjoy a bit of hobby time! Processing gradients wise was tricky!
      Larger version here with annotations https://www.astrobin.com/xn9rd1/?nc=user

    • By Gib007
      My personal Takahashi FSQ-85ED telescope is for sale, with a FeatherTouch 3.0" Focuser (~37mm travel) fitted. It's packed in a Geoptik Carry Bag alongside the telescope's original focuser and a bunch of Takahashi adapters to mount many types of camera to it. I used to use the included Takahashi CA-35 adapter ring along with the included adapter to M42 to mount my CCD camera directly into the FeatherTouch focuser. You may also use M42 spacer rings if you need extra distance. The included FeatherTouch focuser is significantly more performant and stable than the focuser that originally comes with the telescope, hence the upgrade I made to it, having had a couple of issues with the original focuser. The telescope is ready to be mounted, with its original Takahashi tube holder and Losmandy dovetail bar. 
      The telescope is in pristine condition except for a few scrapes on the outer side of the integrated dew shield, made by the motorised telescope cover metallic strap (the telescope has never been dropped or banged against anything). These scrapes are shown closely on the last photo attached below. The telescope has not been moved around much at all and has instead been placed in a remote observatory on a permanent pier in Spain for about two years straight. It is able to produce stunning astrophotographs of deep space. You may see some of my results here:
      The new price for this telescope with the included accessories is just over £3,900 at present. Thank you for looking. Any questions or offers are welcome. 

    • By astrosathya
      Finally I processed the Comet Neowise captured from Bangalore.
      Simple Set-up:
      Canon80D, Sigma 70-300 DG APOII @100mm F/4.
      ISO2000, 50x5s
      Stacked in Deep Sky Stacker
      Processed in Pixinsight.
      Lots of noise as I wanted to pull out both tails

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