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  1. A bit of cloud cover with a few gaps every now and then. So thought I would give it another go. Not brilliant I don't think, but thought I would share what I managed. Is that a filament I have captured in the 1st image near to right hand edge?
  2. Tried again yesterday but cloud around, tried altering the white balance for a different colour. This time I tried my sigma 150-600 adapted to my g9 with a dummy adapter. 2806 just showing up, and it looks like another sunspot coming into view just above 9 o clock
  3. They look really good, really like the h-alpha image. Only ever dabbled with white light and d-slr myself.
  4. They look great, tried myself for the 1st time in ages last week.
  5. Long time since I have have been on the forum Gave my panasonic g9 and 100-400 with a solar filter a try last week, no where near as good as all the other results I see, but was fairly pleased with the result. Don't know if I will get anything better in the future with this kit but will keep trying.
  6. Thanks for looking and commenting everyone, much appreciated. I didn't think of the possibility of a balloon.
  7. Nice to see the difference there, the 1st image is great,
  8. Trying out video and a 4x digital zoom function on a panasonic G7 with my sigma 50-500, I left it recording and on review at 1:35 of the video an object goes whizzing past the sun, a satellite maybe? A still taken with the above combination Sun showing sunspot groups 2567 + 2565 by Michael Johnson, on Flickr And one with my 7dmk2 Sun showing sunspot groups 2567 + 2565 by Michael Johnson, on Flickr
  9. Great sets of pics everyone! I looked at clear outside yesterday 3 times, the first two said we would have clear skies from 08.00 to 10.00 and later on and this morning it was showing there was going to be some cloud cover,but not 100%. Up at 6 to get daughter ready for school, I got everything together,camera bag, filter laptop and cables and tripod, son in his pushchair and of we went for out 15-20 minute walk to school. I was amazed at how crisp and bright it was, the clouds were light and whispy. Got to school and set up kit on a nice hard wooden table in readiness for it to start. The children watched it through on the laptop before registration and afterwards they came out as it was getting close to "total" Cloud started to thicken towards the end, the eclipse glasses stopped working, but my camera was still giving images without the solar filter. It did dim light wise to a degree, and it certainly did drop cold. Then that was pretty much it as the cloud dwarfed the eclipse. I really didn't expect to get anything at all, but still manged these eclipse montage by scilly puffin, on Flickr
  10. So something like this http://www.firstlightoptics.com/startravel/skywatcher-startravel-120-az3.html would take a quark add on ok? Are there any differences between the quark on that scope and a lunt 50? Also is a standard dslr camera suitable to use with these or would it have to be modified?
  11. Having seen all of the stunning solar images it has got me wondering of how to get there. My current kit is an astrozap filter from flo. I also have a full aperture solar filter for my lxd 55, but it's ages since I have used it this was the result I had, can't remember if I coloured it or not. Week 24, Bright. Take 2 by scilly puffin, on Flickr And this is the latest from my filter on my 50-500 So where does it start to get even more interesting detail wise?
  12. Stunning images indeed, the animation is amazing!
  13. Hi all, I have had a discussion with my daughters head teacher about viewing the eclipse. Does anyone know of any live broadcasting that will be done anywhere on the internet?
  14. Superb pics Luke, amazing detail there.
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