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  1. Cone & Fox Fur wide field

    Really excellent detail and contrast control. One of the best I have seen of this target, which, by the way, I prefer in mono. What was the bandwidth of the Ha filter? Chris
  2. M101

    That's nice Rodd. I especially like the soft detail of the core. But there seem to be some funny artefacts on the stars at full res. Is this the effect of drizzle? No, I don't think so. The blue overlaps at the top left and top right are in different directions????? But a very nice image. Chris
  3. This galactic mess is NGC2146 and lies midway between the Plough and Casseopeia. As far as I can gather, the galaxy was a spiral, and the mess is caused by one arm of the spiral being severely distorted and pulled out of alignment by some other galaxy, either already absorbed, or possibly by the (relatively) nearby galaxy NGC 2146a (not shown in this image). But I rather like the dust lanes. To put things into perspective, I wonder if the people who live on inhabited planets in this galaxy are even aware of what is going on. I suspect not - after all, the galaxy is nearly as big as our own…. Imaging was with my de-forked CPC1100 sitting on the EM-200 mount, using the Atik 4000 camera. Around 75 minutes each for LRGB, 5 minutes for each sub, although some of the subs were less than perfect because I forgot to switch on the dew heater, and quite a bit of ice had formed on the front lens of the scope by the time I got back from the pub end of the session. I have to say that I was well chuffed with the performance of the mount - the scope and all ancillary kit is quite a lump at around 16kg. But the guiding was excellent - see inset which shows a trace for around half an hour…. Chris
  4. Fish head Nebula IC1795

    It's not a fish head - it's a complete fish! And very realistic... Pretty amazing for just 3.5 hours - it must be the processing skills. But the colours are perfect for this target. Chris
  5. M106 - Very much a long WIP...

    I only just saw this. Well, that scope certainly works. Well done - you should be well satisfied with all your work. Chris
  6. Very nice image, and nicely framed. Perhaps the stars are a tad over-saturated???? Chris
  7. M 51

    Not a lot to criticise in this image. Stunning. I especially like the contrast between the vibrancy of the galaxy and the mistiness of the of the tails. Chris
  8. A pair in Cancer

    You gott'em both. Maybe my screen/ eyesight, but perhaps a tad green????? But nicely framed. Chris
  9. Cone

    Nicely processed. Almost 3D..... Chris
  10. M44 - The Beehive Cluster

    I like this. A lot. Chris
  11. I used to use jpeg and it gave some funny results - now I use png - much better. Tiffs are too big in my opinion. Chris
  12. Don't be, although I am too. But the criticism I get is well worth it..... This is a nice image, and one of a few targets that I actually prefer in mono. You were lucky to get two clear nights last week - we had just one. But I like this image. However, I should say that for over eight hours of exposure, your Ha image seems to me to be a bit noisy at full resolution. Is this due to the JPEG conversion or something else? Chris
  13. NGC 3184

    Very nice. Will be doing some colour if the weather allows? Chris
  14. The Monkey Head Nebula NGC 2174 now in colour!

    Good stuff - as usual from this source. Especially with the description of what exactly is in the image. I like it. Chris
  15. M101 - Pinwheel Galaxy

    That is a very good image. Chris