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  1. Like everyone else, I’m totally gutted and sorry not to be catching up with everyone again this year. Having said that, I’m shocked by how bad Hereford (and the surrounding areas) are so it looks like it’s for the best. I still want to say thanks to @Grant and the team; it must be extra gutting for you after all the hard work but I’m sure we’ll all be there for the next one to say thanks in person. Your efforts are always greatly appreciated, I think nature just got her own way this time and that’s no ones fault! Thanks once again Will
  2. Agreed! It’s a shame but I’m still going to come and bug you. I’ve bought some cider from the thatchers shop especially! Will
  3. @Ally8446 @PhotoGav - do you get the feeling we're in some kind of isolation/quarantine zone?
  4. Haha I'll send Becks right over!
  5. Wow, I'd actually completely forgotten about the potential 'flooding' incident lol I even unhooked the van just in case we had to make an emergency run for it in the middle of the night!
  6. You're usually near us so if you need a hand, Becks and I will come and assist! Cheers Will
  7. another +1 for radio astronomy I actually have a spare Sky dish from yesteryear that I was going to try and incorporate into something homemade - maybe I should bring it along!
  8. All booked up too, very much looking forward to it this year. Also, let me throw my name (and Becks') in for any volunteering - especially dogsbody stuff. If you need clearing, tidying, help with the marquee, we're all over it. Cheers Will
  9. Thanks Grant, been a quiet astro year for me so looking forward to bringing the kit and getting stuck in again. ....and coming last/2nd to last in the Friday quiz again Cheers Will
  10. Booked up Friday to Monday (although as usual happy to stay longer if the skies permit!). Looking forward to seeing everyone again. Cheers Will
  11. Echo all the sentiments from above, many thanks to all the organisers once again. I agree I think it was one of the best, bit of clear sky, great company, great food, etc. Looking forward to next year already Cheers Will
  12. Agree with Steve here too - my artistic ability will just have to remain a mystery!
  13. Great video @PhotoGav. I'm pleased my expert red-light writing skills didn't go unused, but saddened my rude writing/picture forming didn't make it in! haha
  14. Great to see everyone again. Looking forward to next year already. Thanks to @daz and the admins for organising another great SGL Cheers Will
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