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  1. Hi Caractus, I can well recommend you my setup. I went on that path (looking for the best option, price affordable) a couple of years ago: Using Binos for fast setup (having young kids, there is no much time for late night astronomy), monopod for stability, and a chair to enjoy Binoculars: Bushnell Legacy 10x50 6.5 FOV. Fully multicoated. BaK-4 prisms Mount: Rokinon M67 Monopod with Tefoto T3 metal ball head (with 1/4"-to- 3/8" adapter) and an Alpen aluminium tripod adapter) You can Google these pieces of equipment. I bought them on Amazon, except the binocula
  2. Excellent sketch! I'll try to make mine from Montreal this on Saturday 15th if the weather FINALLY gets better (2 weeks in a row with cloudy nights)
  3. Thank you for the update! Here in Montreal, between polar cold and a week of cloudy nights, I have not had a chance to see the comet. It is possible there is a window of opportunity this weekend, together with Geminids, it could be a great night. I'll post a report if I can make it. I'm looking forward to taking my 10x50 binoculars and enjoy the view!
  4. THIS. In my experience, sketching is the ultimate learning technique to really enjoy what are you looking at. If you just see the star in the eyepiece, and that's it, you will feel disappointed after a while....like...where is the magic on this? Au contraire, if you read and study about what you are going to view (get well informed, so when the time arrives to see through your scope, will be more joyful as you can begin to identify what you have read) and sketch it.....you will learn a ton. While sketching, naturally you will be looking for details, and your eyes will b
  5. For me, the most beautiful nebula out there. Excellent picture!
  6. Depending on how difficult is the part you want to do, I have worked using TinkerCAD (https://www.tinkercad.com/) It has worked for me pretty good and it is very easy and intuitive to use. Give it a try and have fun
  7. Thank you Steve!! as usual, much much appreciated!
  8. Welcome to the forum!! As you, I'm relatively new here...but...how great impact has been to be part of this group....The entusiasm, the knowledge....but above all, the magic of sharing the wonderfull oportunity of looking up above your head and to understand ....your place in the cosmos. This...lets you drop your problems behind your...and lets you fly high above Enjoy the journey !
  9. What about this. Scope guys? http://www.canadiantelescopes.com/Shop-By-Brand/Refractors_4/Celestron-Omni-XLT-102-Refractor.html#.VOtmV8v0Cv0
  10. Wohooo! Just a few minutes ago, using my Binoculars 10x50 I was looking Mars, Venus and the moon in the same FOV ( amazing) and I just saw a "satellite"? Flying fast as a little dot from left to right, passing in front of the moon!!! 18h28 Montreal local time. Does anyone saw it too??? Heavens above app can't confirm any satellite in that region !
  11. Best bet......not beat bet...how many post to have edit enable?
  12. Hi and welcome from Montreal, Canada!. Well, I understand your fillings about the weather....here, the winter has been extreme last 2 months. My last serious observation was in December, at -15°C.....and I tried,hard, but impossible for more than an hour, to sketch Orion's sword through my binoculars at -25°C......and that was my coldest temperature...... After that, I confirmed to myself that -15. °C was my maximum. -20 °C for no more than 45 min, but -15 °C could be my beat bet to seriously enjoy and make a decent report
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