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Hi all,

Brought my wife a Nexstar 127slt as she fancied some stargazing but has never got round to using it. I've looked at it many a time and have now started trying to use it with a little success. Main thing is I enjoy using it when I have the time and the sky is clear. Am amazed at how clear the moon is on my telescope. Have joined Salford Astronomy Society as there night is best for me. If there is anyone in Stockport area who wants to join up now and again and maybe teach me a thing or 10 that would be great. Anyway enough of my ramblings for now.

Does anyone know anything about the Stockport astronomy club website?? Did it ever get of the ground??

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Hi Jap and welcome to SGL. Not sure what's happened about Stockport AS other than the startup webpage, it seemed to go quiet after that. I assume you already know about West Didsbury, Macclesfield and Altrincham ASs. See you down at Salford AS some time and if you can make Thursdays you would also be welcome at Heaton Park.


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