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  1. Thanks guys. Went for the Strathspey 10x50's in the end.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up guys. I will do further research. Unfortunately, Strathspey is still a 2.5 hour drive from me, so not really close enough to just "pop in" for a look. But I do like the look of their 10x50's and being a SAT test winner, can't be a bad place to start at this budget. As far as buying from Amazon goes, well, that's because the wife buys as much as she can from there (assuming its the best deal), being a prime member. And she has a balance of gift cards for there too. As I said though, I'll do some more research first. Thanks
  3. I do have a "cheap" little tripod that I bought for my camera, but I see your point. 10x50's it will be I guess.
  4. So, the wife want to get me a cheap set of bins to accompany my telescope set-up. Wrong way round to be fair, but thinking it might be a quick set-up if we don't want to rig up the scope. Anyway, she has spotted a couple on Amazon, and asked me for my opinion on them. I know nothing of such sorcery, but I'm sure you guys do, so thought I'd ask for some advice. The first set is the Celestron 71008 25x70 Skymaster Porro Prism Binoculars (http://www.amazon.co.uk/Celestron-71008-25x70-Skymaster-Binoculars/dp/B003AM87Q4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1450121569&sr=8-1&keywords=Celestron+71008+25x70+Skymaster+Porro+Prism+Binoculars) The next set is Olympus Binocular 10x50 DPS-1 (http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0000AKGX3?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=ox_sc_act_title_2&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE) Any idea which ones to go for? Or can we do better at this price elsewhere?
  5. You CAN take some pretty decent images with just your camera, lens and tripod though. Have a look here :
  6. I suggested the 130p-ds as it's cheap to be fair (it is also what I have got, as my first scope for AP). I am sure the 80ED makes for a fine scope, but the OP would surely struggle to find one as cheap as a 130p-ds? Then again, the OP did say he was willing to save for the right scope, but he probably wasn't thinking about saving the first £500 or so just for the mount.
  7. As others have said, the mount is king. Buy second hand, and you may not need to spend / lose so much money if you find it isn't for you. But you will still need to spend a reasonable chunk. Again, start with buying Making Every Photon Count and read it. Pretty much at about the minimum, you would be wanting a HEQ5 or NEQ6 mount to get the best payload / tracking. You can put far less weight on a mount when doing AP (Astro Photography) than when doing visual, because you want it to track as accurately as possible. You have to be prepared to spend somewhere around £500 for such a mount second hand (some bargains do come up cheaper, and more often more expensive). Or around £750-1000 new. As for the scope, a good place to start is the Skywatcher 130p-ds scope. Should be around £100 second hand (£160 new) and can yield some impressive results. That and a camera adaptor (T-ring + Adaptor) should get you started at least. So for around £650 you could get started. If that's more than you were thinking, then AP probably wont be for you, as that would be a rather basic set-up. But add some guiding, and a decent AP camera, and the results achievable from this set up can be excellent (there is a thread on here solely for images taken through the 130p-ds scope with some very impressive results).
  8. Might not be too bad here. JUST...
  9. Possibly not the place to discuss this, so feel free to PM me if you'd rather, but what mods have you done to your 130p-ds then? While I am a LONG way off producing images such as these, it would be interesting to note where the weak points of my 'scope are.
  10. Ok. Thanks. The planetary thing was just an afterthought really, and it's absolute main purpose would be for the guiding scope. Seeing more of Uraniums shots though, lead me to think I might be better investing in a decent guide camera instead of the scope. He uses the QHY5L I believe with a 9x50 finderscope, and produces some unbelievable work with that set-up. I was palnning to use my Phillips webcam with the ST80, but the better camera may well be a better route? What do you guys think?
  11. That is truly a great image. And your images are the inspiration behind me getting my 130p-ds. To see that images like these are achievable with that scope is truly amazing. That's got to put it up there as one of the best "bang per buck" scopes for imaging. Of course, I'm quite sure the camera worth around x6 as much as the scope has a lot to do with it, as well as the qualities of the person behind the imaging rig / processing too.
  12. So I'm looking for a scope to use for guiding. I currently have only a Phillips webcam, but as my funds allow, I do plan on upgrading the camera. Probably a year or so away admittedly. Anyway, I have been looking for a Skywatcher ST80 for the job of guiding, but have the opportunity to go for a TS optics finderscope 80mm 328fl f4.1. Anyone able to comment on these? Would the TS be a better scope? Or would the ST be better? The main use would be as a guide scope, but I may use it occasionally for actual visual work or planetary imaging, on a grab and go basis, depending on how my kit expands. What would you buy?
  13. I am far from experienced in this, but could it be for tracking planets, and the moon? They seem to shift across the skies faster than DSO's.
  14. Thanks. Got it sorted eventually. Don't know what happened with the prolific drivers first time, but installed them again and it was fine. Was having problems elsewhere though, first with syncing Stellarium with my scope, but got that solved too, only to come across a problem with my remote desktop not able to show stellarium. Tried Chrome remote desktop, Teamviewer and TightVNC all to no avail. Tried cdc and that works. But it's a long way from as nice to use as Stellarium. Then came accross a problem plate solving with Astrotortilla, but then again, the seeing was pretty terrible by that point (I was at it for around 4 hours last night to get to there), and my camera / scope / laptop were starting to get covered in frost. It was 1.30 am, and decided to just call it. Still, with these problems sorted out, that should make things a bit quicker next time. I am getting there. Albeit slowly. Hopefully by the end of next clear night I might actually get round to taking a picture. The Jupiter I got the other night was the result of me manually moving the scope to Jupiter, and setting a simple tracking option on EQMOD to track it.
  15. Oh. Whoops. I was sure I hit planetary. Sorry guys. Can a mod move it then?
  16. So, since buying all my gear ready for taking some decent pics, there has been nothing but clouds here. Well, when there wasn't, I have been too busy. Last night though, there was a wee break. Seeing wasn't great, high level clouds I fear, and I need to work on some settings. However, I did manage to get a couple videos of Jupiter. First time I've managed to get my NEQ6 sort of tracking. Using Astrotortilla, and Backyard Eos with my 600D I managed to capture 1800 1/100s frames at 800 ISO. Stacked with Registax 6. Scope is a Skywatcher Explorer 130p-ds using a x2 Deluxe Skywatcher Barlow. So here it is, my first Jupiter... And, in fact, apart from my picture of the moon from a few weeks ago when I had just got my scope set-up (using my old Sony A200) only my second picture from space. Well, I did have a Jupiter with my old A200, but, to be honest, I REALLY didn't know what I was doing then, and it was a very simple single frame with zero processing. Isn't really worthy of counting.
  17. I have just installed Prolific USB adaptor driver, but to no avail. When I use the EQMOD ASCOM Setup program, it cannot detect the mount on a port. And I cannot see what "port" in the device manager.
  18. Hi, Finally have a break in the clouds, and I'm stuck with driver issues. For some reason, I can't seem to find any drivers for my NEQ6 Pro. My laptop is running 64-bit Windows 7 Home Premium. I have the Hitec Astro cable. I have checked the EQMOD site, but cannot see any Skywatcher drivers at all. I have installed the ASCOM Platform, and I think everything I need, but for the life of me, I cannot find the correct drivers. Any help?
  19. This? http://www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Nikon_T_Ring.html
  20. I found that too. Until I removed the spacer that allows you to use EP's for visual. Then it was all good.
  21. I recently picked up a second hand NEQ6 for £500. Easily done, and it was obviously well looked after. I don't see the problem with buying second hand personally. I did go collect though, but realistically, I fill my tank for £70 and it gets me 600 miles, so I would happily consider anything within a 300 mile range for something like this. You would still make a considerable saving. The other option is to just pay the extra £116 and get the Synscan. Then sell the handset. Pretty sure I saw one recently go for around £70. As yours will be unused, I can't see it going for less anyway. So you would actually only be around £46 worse off but get the set-up you actually want. If that's what you really want, then an extra 7.3% to get it should surely make little difference. In fact, sign up for an American Express credit card that gives you 5% cashback on first £2500 purchases, and you'll only really spend an extra 2.3% to get the package you really want.
  22. Fair enough. You could set-up a dual boot to run xp / 7 / 8 / whatever on you mac then? I'm sure the effort would be worth it for EQMOD and all the other good stuff that is only available on windows.
  23. Never had a problem with mine. Fits snug as a glove, and can't imagine telescope house selling sub-par gear. Everything I have had off them has been excellent. But yeah, could spend twice as much on the T-ring from Flo. It may or may not be any better quality.
  24. *Note that the T-Adaptor wont strictly be necessary if you do decide to use a Coma Corrector or projection EP adaptor or some barlows (not all barlows though, so check), as they will already have 1 1/4" or 2" nose pieces with the T thread. And, in fact, the projection EP adaptor comes with the 1 1/4" T-Adaptor anyway, so probably worth picking one of those up anyway.
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