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  1. I'm going, it's an absolute Bargain bit of camping, bit of Music, and weather permitting lots of observing. whats not to like.
  2. Hi Folks, after a little Help, if you don't mind. Last night I had my first go at trying to get some images of M31, had My Canon 700d ,set on 'Bulb', 800 ISO, using an intervalometer to do 20sec exposures. I know this is only a very short time in 'image taking' but my 'Polar Alignment' isn't good, and I start 'Startrailing' after this. Here is an example of last nights pics, not very good at all, I know. Even after trying to 'Process' something better. So, is the fact you guys get such good images, down to 'good PA' , so you can get long exposures?? Or is there other things I should be doing with my 'Settings. Any advice gratefully received.
  3. Tums

    Mars ticket

    Here's my ticket to clearer skies, well unless there's a dust storm of course.
  4. Tums

    2015 Perseids

    A couple of images from 12/08/15 Saw about 15/20, but only managed to capture a couple.
  5. Tums

    New here

    Welcome to the Lounge
  6. Tums

    Hi All

    Hi Tosh Welcome to the Lounge.
  7. Hi Chloe, Welcome to the Lounge
  8. +1 for Clearoutside from those lovely people at FLO Also have a look at 'Scope Nights' only on iOS though.
  9. I'm just about to get a ZWO ASI120mm , so I'll be hoping to get images as good. Nice job Jimbo
  10. Hi Matt, and all ED80 owners, (and those thinking of buying one) Only just come across this thread, and have to say, there are some fantastic images here, taken with this brilliant scope. I'm afraid these light nights, are very frustrating, and I can't wait for dark winter nights to come back. Sorry all you Solar lovers. I have to say this thread,is very inspiring, I'm only dabbling with imaging at the moment, using a Canon 1200D and more recently a 700D, I'm in the progress of saving for a ZWO Asi120 mm, which means, lots more things to learn. Anyway here are a few of my images. Good and bad!!.but I really love this hobby/Pastime, and look forward to learning more from this thread in the future. Cheers everyone , Clear skies.
  11. Hi Tom Welcome to the Lounge
  12. Tums

    Hi All

    Hi Keith, Welcome to the Lounge. . Any queries, just ask, there will be plenty of Help from the fine folks on here.
  13. Hi Caleb, Welcome to the Lounge
  14. 9 days off, and the weather is O.K. , in the words of Victor Meldrew,' I don't believe it' :)

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