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  1. Thanks Jim for the picture and Julian for the info. The picture confirmed that I did have the motherboard connected up correctly. I have had some issues withe the 7.5 amp battery conditioner/180ah battery combo I was using to power the mount, dew heaters & motorised focuser. So I have purchased a 30 amp 12 volt power supply which has cured my erratic mount, it now works like new. I bought this power supply: - http://www.pjbox.co.uk/amateur-radio/ham-power-supply/qjps30ii-30-amp-switch-mode-power-supply-unit-psu.html Note that due to the weak pound the prices of all imported st
  2. Thanks very much Jim for posting the photograph, now I can work out where the connections go. Thanks again. Cheers, Harry.
  3. I've recently connected my AZEQ6GT reverse polarity, the mount died and I have purchased a new motherboard for it. The motherboard & Synscan handset both powered up OK not connected to the mount, initialisation was OK. The only problem is that some of the plugs have pulled out of the motherboard when I removed the cover plate & board. I know where most of the plugs go but not all of them. Has anyone got any pictures from removing the AZEQ6GT motherboard? NOTE - don't try to remove your motherboard/access plate just to take photographs, some of the cables are a bit short an
  4. Hi Linda & welcome to SGL.
  5. fondofchips

    Hi All

    Hi Dave & welcome to SGL.
  6. Picture taken from the same light polluted skies as Nick (cotterless45) above. Taken during the Lunar eclipse so no moonlight. Skywatcher Esprit 100ED and Mallincam Extreme video camera. Brightness/Contrast adjusted in Photoshop.The video camera seems to deal with light pollution better than visual observing.Cheers,Fondofchips.
  7. Relax Robert, as stated above you need to install the ASCOM platform first and then use EQMOD to control the mount. There are plenty of good video tutorials on EQMOD. It all becomes more frustrating when the sky is clear and the gear doesn't work. It is a case of perseverance that pays off in the end. I use CDC & EQMOD for mount control and motorised focuser control. The only issue I had was downloading the wrong driver for the focuser. Hang in there. Clear Skies Fondofchips.
  8. Did you catch the Moon tonight Nick? It was there for about half an hour! Nice pictures and thanks for sharing. If you haven't watched the BBC Horizon special on astronaut Tim Peake then do so, some really good video of the Northern Lights on that programme. Clear skies (one day). Fondofchips.
  9. Happy to oblige, here is mine, 8 x 8 scope room & 8 x 4 warm room: - Recently changed to Video Astronomy, my first 2 pictures: - I just hope this inspires others to take the piunge, though a solid pier and some shelter around it is a good start.Clear skiesFondofchips.
  10. More rocket launcher photographs needed please
  11. Nice report Nick, I decided it was a binocular night and thoroughly enjoyed a tech free observing session. Cheers, Fondofchips.
  12. Tough smelly cheese also works well on the trap, when they pass away in inaccessible places the next thing you get is loads of flies, best to trap them and dispose of them carefully. Anyone who has not used a trap before, check traps frequently. I had one trap catch a mouse by it's back leg. You want rid of them but without any unnecessary suffering. Cheers, Fondofchips.
  13. This is a picture of the light pollution Nick is describing here, just ridiculous: - There are 2 street lights in the foreground, one old orange type and a newer whiter light to give you an idea how bright this LP is. Our best bet is probably to try and get the hours they are used restricted.Cheers,Fondofchips.
  14. Pictures of my 12ft x 8ft ROR obsy shed now nearing completion.
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