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Hi to you all on here, just a brief introduction. I've always loved looking up at the night sky, but never really learnt any astronomy or anything about the stars. I've recently thought it's now a good time to start, although rather late, i'll be 57 in august, so no time like the present !

I've only just bought a pair of Celestron 15x70 binoculars, i'm waiting for my Horizon 8115 tripod to arrive. I'm also waiting for my first ever telescope to arrive, Skywatcher Explorer 200PDS (HEQ5 PRO)

Hoping for some nice clear skies now :laugh:


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Welcome Mike. It sounds like you've got some serious kit. Any problems just ask, there's many here who will be able to offer any help and advice you may need. Let us know how you get on.

Good luck and clear skies :smiley:


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Hi Mike,

Warm welcome to SGL. If you have not already done so download a planetarium program - try stellarium (other flavours available), its free and can be found here :- http://www.stellarium.org/ . Also try a copy of 'turnleft at orion' and 'sky&telescope pocket star atlas' these will guide you round the sky.

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