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  1. It's not all doom and gloom. Before Christmas I sold an item and I generally pick up the fees to protect the transaction. On this occassion the buyer asked me to "up" the postage service (given it was close to Christmas) and without asking paid the asking price , postage, AND added on extra to cover MY FEES ! So there are good people out there and I've never had any issues buying or selling on SGL.
  2. Astronomik CLS Clip-Filter EOS APS-C This is the standard CLS version, NOT the CCD version. A few years old, in good condition, specs of dust all around but no scratches on surface. Been fitted in my modded 600D since purchase. £70 posted in UK only please . Thanks for looking Regards Neil
  3. Should have added my Altair Astro Hypercam 269c is connected with a 0.8 Field Flattener / Focal Reducer to my William Optics GT102 refractor. I use this for deep sky astrophotography. My hypercam 183c is mostly used on my 80mm refractor.
  4. Nothing wrong with your scope, just different scopes perform different tasks better than others. I started off with a Celestron 6SE and DSLR on the back, great on planetary imaging but soon moved to a refractor. I think the point people are making is to get you to enjoy the journey. With 1k to 1.2k budget, perhaps split it 800 on a nice CMOS OSC and spend 400 - 500 on a nice refractor? Assuming it fits on your mount of course. So don't go selling the Edge !! I'm sure more people will jump in with ideas. (as I mentioned, I'm far from being an expert)
  5. Some sound advice above Is this your first venture into astrophotography? Edge HD for nebula?? I've been doing astrophotography for over ten years and still consider myself a novice, but I don't think that is as suitable as say an 80mm frac as mentioned. Not wanting to put you off but that's a big spend if it's your first camera? Don't want you ending up frustrated with astrophotography and potentially out of pocket. I personally use Altair CMOS OSC, but previously had a mono ATIK CCD plus filters. Neil
  6. I do tend to sell or trade before buying something new, BUT it's my birthday on Friday, so look out folks !!
  7. Mine was actually just under two weeks ago and we had clear skies for a couple of nights (honest !)
  8. ZWO ASI120MC 2.0 In good working condition. Some wear to the anodising arounf the front threads and a couple of small nicks on the rear plate (in one of the pics below) Comes with an amazon basics usb lead and an ST4 guide cable plus 1.25" nosepiece adapter. Also comes with the standard wide angle cctv lens and lens cap. £85 inc P&P to UK only please. Thanks for looking.
  9. just the full stop at the end of the link
  10. Looking for an Altair GPCAM2 130 posted in uk. If you have one for sale?
  11. Hb 1.25" Filter, used in good condition £35 inc P&P posted in UK Thanks for looking
  12. Altair Hypercam Canon EOS DSLR Lens Adaptor Purchased around Christmas time and never used. Had plans to put my Hypercam 183c on it but now that will be staying on my 80mm frac. Litterally as new condition, had the camera and a canon lens attached once. Not even been in a vixen clamp so no marks on the bar at all. This is for the Altair Astro Hypercam 183c Fan Version (not ProTec) to Canon EOS £80 ono inc P&P to Uk only please. Thanks for looking
  13. If I was to start over again ? itelescope.net subscription and check if my off-licence does home delivery ?
  14. IDAS LPS P2 1.25" Filter Optics fine, paint worn round edges £45 posted in UK Thanks for looking
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