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  1. Thanks guys i just nipped to horseshoe pass but didnt stay long as the other half was convinced we would get murdered but the sky looked amazing. Not had the scope out for a while due to the late nights
  2. Hi all planning a random trip to wales tonight im from cheshire so does anyone have any good locations Kris
  3. What art are these bst eyepieces? I hear a lot of people talking about them
  4. Well guys I found it last night and was absolutely blown away!! Wasn't expecting an image like that! Lets get hunting for more DSO (not tonight though as I'm pretty damn tired myself) Happy hunting guys
  5. Thanks for the good advice folks, I shall try again tonight Kris
  6. Thanks for that I will try again tomorrow, is it quite obvious and which is the best EP to use
  7. Anyone got any advice? I have used stellarium and phone apps but couldn't find it, Using a skywatcher 200p dob with nirvana 16mm and the standard 10 and 25 mm Kris
  8. Certainly are. I'm looking at getting the 7mm next month,
  9. Just the standard 25mm that it came with at the minute as I only got it 3 days ago
  10. Cheers stu I was thinking of getting a decent 9mm for now so I will go with that I think or maybe a 7 I will have a look on FLO now, cheers Kris
  11. I have a skywatcher 200p dob
  12. Cheers guys will try again tomorrow, can you recommend a good EP for DSO I was using a skywatcher nirvana 16mm just
  13. Just seen this for the first time, don't have perfect dark skies and have to look off centre to see it but its amazing!!
  14. Thanks guys is stellarium an app?
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