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  1. Any one used a Barn door tracker?

    1. ronin


      Go check the DIY section, someone asked about building one yestersay and there are several responses and replies.

    2. firstscope
  2. well only 6 months until a total lunar eclipse :)

  3. am like a kid on xmas eve lol am gonna be tired later

  4. baader solar film has arrived :)

  5. just put an order in for a sheet of baader solar film delivery estimate 12th-25th be great if its here by the 20th

    1. jabeoo1


      That would be handy !

    2. firstscope
  6. elite:dangerous coming to xbox one cool can't wait

    1. Daniel-K


      I'm obsessed with destiny !!

  7. Microsoft Hololens has me pretty excited TBH
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGoZZvfEd6A
  9. just got love joy with the dob
  10. cheers I never remember when its on anymore
  11. firstscope


  12. firstscope


    From the album: moon

    taken with 76mm newt and iphone 6
  13. possible supernova in M61

    1. jabeoo1


      Nice. Thanks for the tip off. Looks promising :)

  14. scope out.......suck it wind i aint wasting this clear night ahead

    1. Knight of Clear Skies

      Knight of Clear Skies

      May the (gale) force be with you.

  15. crystal clear can even just make out the milky way but decided not to get the scope out doh!

  16. somebody shift the moon please lol

  17. new scope and looking like it could be clear later

  18. According to this website http://www.need-less.org.uk/night%20sky%20simulator.html my sky is 7 on the Bortle scale although on some nights I think it can be a better than that
  19. Skywatcher Skyliner 300p Flextube goto mmm might just order one

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Daniel-K


      ok well forget the goto and buy some half decent eyepieces

    3. emadmoussa


      Forget the goto...unless of course you don't know your away across the sky. I've got hte 300P and it's pretty powerful. I could resolve globular clusters down to the core...I do have near-good skies though.

    4. firstscope


      my skies about a 7 on the bortle scale

  20. scope out 1st time in a few months :)

  21. signed and shared on twitter(but i don't have many followers)
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