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  1. I left the standard shed bolts on the outside of my shed door. Looks more like a garden shed but on the inside I have an expensive dead bolt with the hole for the key barely visible on the outside.
  2. Wow ! Thanks William Plenty to be getting on with there. (I'll print it off and work through the points) To comment on some, I'm sure it is the latest ASCOM as I only rebuilt clean last week and downloaded (latest) Interesting comments on the Run As I'll definately try that. I'm sure the camera is ok as it runs fine in the Atik software but I just don't like it (sorry Atik) When it does work in APT it's absolutely fine, cooling aid and warming aid all work. Anyway, I'll try tonight. Think it will be roof closed but won't stop me from testing. Thanks again Neil
  3. Yeah APT is my main imaging software. Been a fan for ages. But when I click connect and get to the Ascom selection screen, APT gets a light yellow border as if there is an issue loading the camera. Selecting, or trying to select a camera via Ascom, seems to be the issue?
  4. Thanks, the Artemis software works ok with the camera, but I'm not a fan of it for imaging unfortunately ?
  5. Hi I'm having issues at the moment with my setup. Fresh install of Windows 10 With Atik Core Software installed (with ascom driver selected), APT, CduC, PHD2 My neq6pro is working fine, guiding with eqdir no problems at all. However, everytime I fire up APT and go to connect my Atik 460ex I can't select it from the ASCOM properties after choosing Atik Camera 2 (or Atik Camera) A couple of uninstall, reinstall, reboot and eventually it will appear in the dropdown list and I can use it. But I'm wasting half an hour each time doing this ! At all times the camera is listed in usb controllers as Atik 460 and no errors, listed as libusb for manufacturer I'm considering going back to Windows 8.1 as I don't recall any issues using this OS ? Am I missing something here ? Thanks for any replies Neil
  6. Cheers for the input She's gone and bought it so it'll be my fault if it doesn't work. But I live 30 mile away !! Neil
  7. Thanks for your reply, I'm errrrring on the yes it will fit. Tried focusing last night and the supplied Celestron focus knob was so clunky ! Cheers Neil
  8. Hi all A member of our club has a Celestron 8SE Will this GSO focuser fit ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GSO-SCT-Fit-Crayford-Focuser-/302864759922 Thanks as always Regards Neil
  9. Yeah long imaging runs on a school day are a killer. But pressing a couple of buttons and sliding the roof shut when the clouds roll in is far more satisfying than spending an hour packing up and lugging it all back indoors ! Neil
  10. astro engineering AC710 1.25" Supreme 2x APO photovisual Barlow lens No end cap in good condition Tiny little mark right at the edge of the optics like a little dew mark on the outside, but I don't intend to clean it. £20 posted as I no longer do visual just imaging. Thanks for looking Neil
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