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  1. On here, AndyH, who patiently went through setting up my TAL2, my first scope, which I didn't have a clue about. If i hadn't managed to get it sorted i think it would have gone back into its "coffin" and would more than likely still be there today. Thanks again Andy?
  2. Beautiful here in West Wales too. Just got in, everything freezing hard. Milky way spectacular. Spent time on and around Orion, then over to Andromeda and just scanning around. It's so good to get the opportunity just to get the scope out even if my fingers were getting frozen to the tube. Only problem was my neighbours smoky chimney. Goodness knows what they were burning
  3. Welcome to SGL Martin. It's a good idea to start off with bins before taking the plunge into more expensive gear. With conditions as they are it's much easier to grab the bins whenever an opportunity arises. It's also a good idea to take every opportunity to learn the night sky. It will save you time when you do get your scope. If you haven't already, download " Stellarium ", it's free and as many here would agree is a valuable resource. Good luck and clear skies Jason
  4. Visual only at the moment. Little enough opportunity to do that let alone try to branch out into anything else!
  5. jason.p


    Welcome to SGL from another part of sunny Wales. I would think if you can get above your "permahaze" , you could find some beautiful skies . Don't rush into your first scope, get along to a local group and see what suits you best, esp with regards to budget, portabilty etc. Also don't hesitate to pick brains on here, there's many only too willing to help. Good luck and keep in touch Jason
  6. Welcome to SGL Shaun, and congrats on new scope. Let's hope we get some clear skies for your "first light" Don't hesitate to ask anything at all however basic it might seem. Everyone here has had to start somewhere. Good luck and keep in touch Jason
  7. Welcome Sam and congrats on new scope. Lets hope we get some clear skies soon. Good luck Jason
  8. Welcome to SGL. You're in the best place here for advice on your choice of scope. Of course you'll have to have a budget in mind then various other factors such as anything you're particularly interested in (planets, DSOs, imaging etc.) and whether it needs to be portable etc.etc. Get as much advice as you can before you take the plunge. In the mean time take every opportunity to learn the night sky, constellations and other star patterns etc. It will save you time when you get going. Most people here would recommend "Stellarium ", a free download and brilliant resource. Good luck and keep in touch Jason
  9. Congrats on new scope. I'm sure you won't be disappointed. All you need now are some clear skies. I hope Mrs Jetset can help out there too
  10. Welcome Hugh, I'm sure you'll find all you need to know from the mass of experience and expertise here. Good luck and clear skies Jason
  11. Beautiful blue sky here, not a cloud in sight, everything crossed that it holds till tonight!!
  12. Welcome to SGL Mark and congrats on new scope. It's great that you managed a clear night to try it out. Hope you continue to enjoy this fascinating hobby especially as you can share it with Mrs Mark
  13. I've got a dedicated eyepiece coat (one of the few that isn't full of brick dust ) with enough pockets to accommodate four eyepieces. It took me a while to remember which one was in which pocket, but does the job. I usually slip the Barlow in a trouser pocket.
  14. Welcome Max, you're in the right place for help and advice. Don't hesitate to ask anything. Good luck and clear skies Jason
  15. I suppose we really need a "standard" naked eye. People and conditions vary enormously. For instance, after I had located Catalina with the bins I was convinced I could see it naked eye, but I've never split Alcor-Mizar naked eye and that's supposed to be easy!
  16. Keeping both eyes open does come with practice so long as there aren't too many light distractions around. My early career involved hours of monocular microscopy and we had to learn to keep the both eyes open to avoid strain. Took a while but comes naturally now. Otherwise as Ruud says, try the eyepatch.
  17. I was feeling just the same. Scope out, scope back in, wind, rain, snow and permacloud! Then last night there was a beautiful clear sky in the early hours and i got my first definite look at Catalina. Not a big deal on the scale of things, but enough to kick start my astro mojo.
  18. Hi Dan and welcome to the friendliest astro forum around, glad you found us. I don't feel qualified to advise on your choice of scope, but I'm sure you'll get all the advice you need here. Just ask. Good luck and clear skies Jason.
  19. Welcome Hawklord, and congrats on your new scope. Sounds like you've made a great start despite the weather, believe me, it will only get better☺. When the skies clear in our part of the world it can be stunning! Good luck and clear skies. Keep in touch Jason
  20. 9pm Orion rising from my Eastern horizon, clouds rolling in from the West with rain/sleet showers so I packed up as the showers got heavier. Later at around 2.30am I peeped out at a thin covering of white stuff but big breaks in the cloud. I crept out with my bins and am fairly sure i saw Catalina. I'm not a hundred percent sure, it was bigger than I'd imagined but in the right place. Snow started falling again and more cloud. So not a complete disaster. I'm hoping for more clear sky tonight and maybe actually get the scope on it.
  21. Welcome Dan. You'll find plenty of astronomical info and advice here don't hesitate to ask anything ( but not a lot of astrological)! Good luck and clear skies Jason
  22. Looking good here too. Just set up. It's a bit breezy, blowing my street light screen about but too good an opportunity to miss. Hoping to catch Catalina. It's so good just to see the scope out in the open, if i get to actually using it it will be a bonus!!
  23. Yes, I thought so too esp the section on Orion. It was good to see the public brought in and made aware of the amazing things to be seen just by looking up, even in a light polluted city! A bit more of this and much less of minor celebs undergoing so called "space training" would be a huge improvement.I suppose it has to aim at a broad audience, but if it's called "Stargazing Live" that's really what it should be. Accepting all this, given a choice of this or Eastenders......well, no contest!!
  24. Welcome Nigel. Sounds like you've got a great set up, and made a good start with those planets. Keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on. Good luck and clear skies. Jason
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