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  1. alan g

    telescope newbie

    Hi Chast and a warm welcome to the forum
  2. Hi Nicktpr and a warm welcome to SGL
  3. alan g

    Hello everyone

    Hi and a warm welcome to the forum
  4. alan g

    Hello from west Lancashire UK

    Hi Harry and a warm welcome to SGL
  5. alan g

    Hi everyone

    Hi Chris and a warm welcome to the forum
  6. alan g

    Hi from Mikey

    Hi Mikey and a warm welcome to the forum
  7. alan g

    Hello from The Netherlands

    Hi Larkspeed and a warm welcome to the forum
  8. alan g

    David in Virginia Beach

    Hi David and a warm welcome to SGL. Glad to hear you enjoyed the views and the fact that you wife was impressed just has to be a bonus !
  9. alan g

    Hey Folks,,, from Ian in Lancashire

    Hi Ian and a warm welcome to SGL
  10. Hi Ed and James, thanks for the replies. I've just watched a video on youtube and I think your right in that it is just a snug fit as there is nothing shown on the stripdown video that could be catching on anything. I will have another go, just didn't wont to damage anything. Thanks again for the help guys.
  11. Hi all, I'm looking for a bit of advice concerning my ST 8O. I've ordered a set of tube rings for it so that I can turn the OTA when it's mounted on my EQ1 mount but I'm having a problem getting the mounting plate off the tube itself. I expected to just have to undo the two fixing screws on the plate and it would come off but when I loosen these the screws just keep turning, which suggests to me that there are nuts behind these screws which are loose and these are spinning when I loosen the fixing screws. My next thought was that you must have to take the black rear focusing assembly off thereby allowing me to hold the plate fixing screw nuts in place while loosening the fixing screws, but when I removed the three screws from the rear assembly it withdrew only very slightly and seemed to be catching on something inside the tube. I don't wont to pull any harder on the rear assembly in case I do it some damage. Am I missing something ? Any help would be appreciated guys. Thanks.
  12. alan g

    Hi from Stoke on Trent

    Hi Phil and a warm welcome to the lounge
  13. alan g

    Hello from Central PA

    Hi and a warm welcome to the lounge
  14. alan g

    Hi from Gloucestershire (UK)

    Hi and a warm welcome to the lounge
  15. alan g

    Hello from Merseyside Newbie

    Hi Andy and a warm welcome to the lounge

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