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  1. Well done Dean. Hope you get some clear skies soon.
  2. I have the 533mc and it ran all night at temps of -2 just fine. I had the camera cooled to -20. As for dew tapes, FLO just sent me the finderscope 2" Lynx Astro dew tape and it looks like a very nice bit of kit compared to previous brands.
  3. That's not good. I have it all set up but got the 365 gizmo on it until it clears. Good job you noticed it.
  4. Mr Thingy - Sure, I only need a small patch down here
  5. It's still looking good for Kent tonight. Hope I remember how it all goes together!
  6. I'm out regardless. Not had 1 clear night that I was available for in 14 weeks so I will finally get to try my new camera.....hopefully.
  7. I've got the same camera... and the same white line. only notice it on darks can never see it on the subs. Good luck with the sale it is a great camera.
  8. Well that was definitely worth waiting for!
  9. Hi Graham no problem. Message me a deliver address and I will reply with payment details Richie
  10. Have made a note of the number but like David suggests, best delete it off the site now Nicky
  11. I don't have anything suitable to package it in safely other than the original inner boxes it came in so wouldn't be comfortable shipping it. Would consider meeting part way once lockdown is lifted though
  12. Unused and still in packaging. £30 plus £3.95 UK delivery
  13. Hi I don't think so. Is is hardly used and I'm not dead set against keeping it if I can't get £1900 for it. Thanks Richie
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