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  1. Richie092

    Oh hey guys!

    Hi and welcome to SGL
  2. Hi Stefan and welcome to SGL
  3. yep, would be very proud of that.
  4. It's your settings I am using on my guiding set up I still haven't had 30 min subs but they are getting longer. My main problem with the astrotrac was framing and focus.
  5. I have both and now tend to just use the HEQ5. I laid a patio and stuck a shed next to it so all I have to do is lift the HEQ5 out of the double doors. I purchased the Astrotrac mainly for traveling as we were often away for long weekends etc but with the arrival of our puppy earlier in the year it is gathering dust. It is a first class bit of kit, I got the wedge with it that made life a little easier. Having said all that I do love my HEQ5 - another 2 or 3 seasons and I might even have it mastered and produce a post worthy image ...
  6. That is really handy to know, thank you. I am going to check the main imaging scope for cone error first so i know it is perfectly aligned to the axis. Then I think I will pop the ST80 on just to see how far out it is. At least using the ST80 to guide will give me back my finder scope so I can hopefully get the small chip on target.
  7. Forgive my ignorance Daz but what do you mean by a small sub frame? Binning?
  8. Brantuk - I am just using the rings that came with the ED80, they look solid enough. Daz - I am using Artemis capture with the Atik.
  9. Yeah that's what I was worried about. I suppose I could use the Atik but it is very slow (download) and also has a very small chip so needs to be spot on with the star alignment to start with and the 2 star alignment would be easier using a finderscope to align everything in the first place. I suppose alignmaster assumes that the scope you are using is perfectly aligned to the mounts axis but is that really the case??
  10. Thank you for the reply. So if my ST80 (piggybacked, it looks more solid in my opinion) is not perfectly aligned with the axis of the mount it doesn't make a difference? This would make life much easier. I use the polar scope to get it as near as I can before running alignmaster. It's never "quite right" just using the polar scope.
  11. Hi All I have recently started using alignmaster to obtain what I think is very good polar alignment. At the moment I pop the QHY5II out of my finderguider and use it in the ED80 where the Atik normally that I use for imaging sits and then along with sharpcap I polar align. I then reassemble everything to attempt imaging through the Atik. I am thinking about using my ST80 as the new finderscope as firstly I already have one and secondly, I like having a finderscope to help me with the 2 star alignment. I also want to nail the ST80 as a guidescope for possibly imaging with my 200p in the future. My question is this. Can you polar align with a scope that you are not imaging with or do I have to use the ED80? I can't see any good reason that I shouldn't be able to but the not perfect alignment of the 2 scopes may be an issue. It would make life easier if I could permanently assemble the 2 scopes, 2 cameras and all the cabling securely then I can set up a lot quicker. If I mark the place that the ED80 dovetail sits in the mount puck and also where the weights go I think I could get my set up down to just before the clouds roll in instead of a couple of minutes after! Cheers Richie
  12. Richie092

    SGL 9 weather

    Even one clear night would do. Looking forward to meeting you all.
  13. I think I will be calling on lots of you guys for tips and advise but if anyone runs out of freshly ground coffee then I can definitely help with that... pitch - The Laurels 30
  14. Richie092

    Astroboot at SGL9

    Ok, I don't know who Barkis is or what his jokes are like so I'm hoping not to break any rules posting this link (see first post) I think it is this one. I haven't had it out of the box so will have to dig out the invoice to be sure. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-mounts/dual-axis-dc-motor-drive-for-eq5.html
  15. Richie092

    Astroboot at SGL9

    I will be bringing my HEQ5 and 8" SW Explorer for visual but would like to sell it instead of taking it home so that I can raise funds for a faster imaging scope. It will be set up for use all week so can come and have a look through it. I also have the motor upgrade for the HEQ5 that I haven't got round to fitting yet but am hoping to before the party. Richie
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