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  1. I've done another pass at it and gone for a much more softly softly approach, I feel this is quite abit better and probably the one we're going to get printed out
  2. Hi everyone While on my honeymoon in Scotland a couple of months back my wife suggested I take a picture of the Plough while we were out one night. I took a couple of shots, got back to the hotel room to review on my ipad and found a green glow in the corner. After a little bit of thinking (I was 3 whiskeys in by this point) I realised I had accidentally photographed the northern lights. Going back outside to take a couple more wasn't an option as the weather had changed and the next night was clouded over. This means I only actually had two pictures I could attempt to process. Havin
  3. Ooo that looks a good idea, thanks very much!
  4. I’m looking to upgrade the tripod on my mount as the one supplied isn’t very sturdy and the screw in accessory tray has gone past being useful anymore. I’m looking at this from FLO https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html but wondering if this will accept the AZ amount I already have as it seems to have a weird fixing (picture attached) Any thoughts / ideas more than welcome
  5. Its always seen as a nice gesture, for example my mum asked me about naming a star after a child she was going to the christening for, but I told her to spend the money on some Bin's instead for when he's old enough
  6. Iv got the 130P and its a great scope for starting out with. You'll get some stunning views of the moon, great views of the planets and be able to easily work your way around the Messier catalog to see some of the best sights Deep Sky Objects have to offer. The only issue with the 130P is it is more difficult to use for proper astrophotography (by which I mean attaching a DSLR camera) however not impossible and webcams work fine. Other than that I would highly recommend it.
  7. Id be very happy with those images if they were some of my first! The Moon is relatively easy to photograph with most kit as its nice and big, shiny, easy to spot and has almost limitless detail at any magnification. The planets however are abit more difficult. Astrosurf sums it up quite well in the post above so I won't go repeating anything. Using that method myself, with a similar scope to you and a £3 xbox webcam I bought from amazon I was able to produce images like this Jupiter 16.2 by A Drummers Space, on Flickr Saturn 640 20fps 02_06_2013 by A Drummers Space, on Flickr Experiment with
  8. Welcome to SGL! Dont worry about not being able to offer advice, the whole point of this place is to provide you with as much as you need. With that being said, its amazing how quickly you'll find yourself in turn passing on things to other people on here once you've picked them up yourself. Also, very nice choice of scope, its an excellent way to start seeing whats out there (not that Im biased at all ) Clear Skies Matt
  9. I couldn't agree more. Its a great shame that the actual Hubble will more than likely be destroyed as its probably really quite difficult to bring it back for a museum. It has certainly been one of my main inspirations and several of its pictures are up on my wall. Heres hoping the James Webb Telescope that goes up next will continue Hubbles great legacy.
  10. For me just the fact that I could see Hubble with my own eyes would make it compelling enough. Sure it would be great to see the shape out it or some kind of feature, but just knowing that 'that' pinpoint of light is one of mans best inventions (to date) would make it worth tracking down Much in the same way that most of the time when you view the ISS is can be extremely hard to resolve any features on it, but just knowing thats it is enough for me.
  11. I don't have a dob myself, but if you don't have the mount tightened up and allow the telescope room to move you can start to teach yourself to track what your looking at by hand. Theres advantages and disadvantages to using either a motor, gears or by hand but each way can be used to see and track some amazing things out there
  12. While browsing around the other day looking for a finder bracket for a right angled finder I have recently bought, I came across the Multi Finder Adapter on FLO. I'll admit, the thought of finally being able to buy something that would enable me to even slightly start upgrading my setup was quite a nice (and unfortunately, I suspect, addictive) thrill. I had been contemplating what to do with my old finder once the bracket for the 8x50 arrived and here the answer was laid out before me. Took the usual less than a day to arrive I believe and does exactly as it says on the tin. It has space for
  13. Im just going to sob in the corner with my lowly 130p. No DS for me. Never have I yearned for two letters more
  14. You managed to get The Moon, Venus, a nice sunset and a V of birds all in one picture, Id be pretty chuffed.
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