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  1. Welcome to SGL! I'm sure you'll get lots of good info here. I look forward to seeing your shots eventually! I have a mind to try similar myself one day having been a sometime contributor to airliners.net (c. 950 pictures of mine on there). All the best! Dean
  2. nodecaff


    Welcome to SGL! Dean
  3. Welcome to SGL! Your 200 scope sounds very grand...considering I have only a mere 90mm refractor. Enjoy!
  4. Welcome to SGL Mike!
  5. nodecaff

    Hi all.

    Welcome to the forum Mike. Lots of helful folk here to answer your questions!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum! Loved your telling of the dark sky moment when the milky way was visible in all it's glory. If only it was that dark out my way! All the best, Dean
  7. Hello Ian, thanks for the response and the information. I must look up Hoar Cross as I'm not familiar with that location. It sounds like a good idea to get an observing group sorted in our area as there must be some good secluded spots in amid all the farm land around our way. Not sure how to go about enlisting others from Bassetts Pole or Sutton areas to discuss the creation of an observing group. Do you have any thoughts on that? All the best, Dean
  8. Many thanks for the latest inputs. The AZ4 mount/tripod looks good. I still need rings and dovetail bar to attach I believe...? D
  9. Hi all, Newbie in Whittington near Lichfield looking for astro types for chat and viewing meets. Wondering who else at SGL is close by...? Also looking for good dark sites around this area. Rural and agricultural so hope there are some good dark spots bot too far away. All the best, Dean
  10. Hello all from Dean in Whittington near Lichfield. Reading the posts so far I see no one else in the Lichfield area. Did I miss anyone...? Would also be interested to hear from those in the know of good dark sites close to me. I do hope to hook up with the Rosliston group in time as they're only a short drive up the A38 from me. All the best, Dean
  11. Hi Gordon and welcome to SGL and the forum! D
  12. Great image and congrats on getting it published. In a former life I was big into aviation photography and I always got a buzz out of seeing my pictures in magazines. I know how you must be feeling! D
  13. I think I prefer to see the moon in images oriented to appear as I see it with the naked eye. I tend to grayscale a lot because I'm not always happy with the colour balance. When I see a colour balance I like then I'll leave it alone. Your shot is great so you're doing well already! Keep up the good work. D
  14. Welcome to SGL Jens. I'm sure your knowledge will be of great use here when shared with all the other newbies!
  15. Welcome to SGL. Nice images already! Nice work.
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