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Just bought Skywatcher 130 and trying to understand set up instructions.

Installed Stellarium software on laptop as recommended in stargazers lounge. As a result and despite my impatience I found Saturn and spent the next hour or so being totally mesmerised by the a m a z i n g views . Magic!!!!!!!

Cloudy tonight......frustrated!!

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Welcome to SGL

Frustration at the cloud is a not-uncommon state of affairs in these parts. Eventually you become philosophical about it to a certain extent :)


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Hi and welcome to the lounge,

Saturn your first view, you probably think, like I did,

it can't get much better than this, but it does. Enjoy.

Good luck and Clear Sky's.

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Hi Riccy and welcome to the forum, sounds like you are having a great night. Its not often you can by a scope and use it.... It normally brings bad luck and banks of cloud... Enjoy yourself :)


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Welcome Riccy. It seems you've got off to a good start, and there are quite a few on here with the same scope. Any problems, just ask. There's a great wealth of experiencce and advice available. Just ask.

(can't help with the clear sky problem, but there is plenty to be doing whiel you wait for those clouds to roll away. Recommended reading could include "Turn left at Orion" and the Sky and Telescope Pocket Sky Atlas)

Good luck and clear skies :smiley:


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