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  1. Good luck, you won’t find any as I won’t be posting in this section. Sad but true. Alan
  2. I am afraid that this was covered two weeks back when it all got a bit ugly in a “please make them go away” posting by a seasoned observer which resulted in NV users being banned from posting in the general observing forums. The last thing I want is an NV only forum, with 4 NV users in the UK we may as well just arrange to meet directly down the pub! HTH your understanding. Alan
  3. It appears that we NV users are supposed to join in discussions on "live stacking" and other things that are of no interest to us whatsoever! I wont be bothering.
  4. As a visual only observer, I have no idea what live stacking is! My observing does not involve the use of cameras, software or computers so I cannot answer your question! I use an NV device attached to various Televue eyepieces directly at the telescope which I view as “visual” astronomy and I do not see it as the same as EAA at all! I am sure the live stackers and EAAers that will post in this new forum have no interest in NV as they are into the “software” and “cameras” that I assume you use with this “live stacking”. In my view these are not at all the same as NV but I am in the minority (who seem to governed by "senior observers" on this forum who don’t like/want to read about what they cannot see (they see it as "oneupmanship" - it has already been stated by one senior observer that my observing reports posts are just my attempt to "put one over on them"). They just want the NV posts in a side forum where they can be easily avoided and it seems the mods are of the same mind. It’s all very sad really! But back to your question, I am sure an EAA guy will come along and answer your question but that is not me
  5. I agree with Gavin. I have no intention of posting in EAVVAAA or whatever you call it. I am a visual observer too! Alan
  6. Discovered 12 March. Mag 15.1, type unknown (tbd) http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/novae.html#2019bsd Could be one to watch as it should brighten further... shame it is so poorly positioned at this time of year Alan
  7. I also use a v4 handset with my AZGTi and like the extended catalog available. The app has a very limited selection that is too restricted for my liking. The handset is also much more tactile and easy to use wearing gloves. I just stuck velcro on the back of the handset and wrapped some more around the legs of the tripod so it is easily docked when I need my hands free. If you want to beef it up further then I would refer you to the stronger skywatcher tripod that is available, it’s a lot stronger that the standard and still very lightweight too. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/alt-azimuth/sky-watcher-38-stainless-steel-tripod.html i also refer you to the new ADM saddle upgrade which is also a big improvement on the standard version But it’s a great little mount and made to travel with. Alan
  8. You remove nuts from fixed threads and the poles lift off. The bolt thread is a fixed part of the mirror box. The poles just have holes in to push onto the threads. Each side and pole is numbered so it’s easy to get them on the correct side. You can see the attachments and the fixed bolts in one of the pictures in this post http://www.fjastronomy.com/reviews/18-inch-f4-3-david-lukehurst-dobsonian-with-nichol-optics/ (It’s the last picture of the collapsed scope) Alan
  9. Hi Paul, The first two are "type 1a", and are both recently discovered. Type 1a have a larger brightness increase than other supernova types. We can expect them to get brighter than the quoted recent magnitude numbers. They are also good for a couple of months although the brightness fall-off is steep once maximum has been reached. see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_Ia_supernova SN2019bic found in UGC5072 (12.7"E & 18.5"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 27/2/19, Mag 16.5 SNAT2019bpc found in UGC7744 (3.8"E & 3.4"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 7/3/19, Mag 16.1 The other common type is a "type II" (which is subdivided into II-P, II-L, II-N & II-B). These supernova gain less magnitude (from the starting point) compared to a type 1a but they have a longer "tail" and therefore survive for many months visually. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Type_II_supernova I just found this on wikipedia... The last two columns are interesting, 60+19=79ish days for a type 1a & 30+150=180ish days for a type IIn. SN2019bic found in UGC5072 (12.7"E & 18.5"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 27/2/19, Mag 16.5 - 27February + 19 days = 18 March reaches PEAK Luminosity (ish) - 27February + 19 + 60 = 18 May fades to 10% luminosity SNAT2019bpc found in UGC7744 (3.8"E & 3.4"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 7/3/19, Mag 16.1 - 7March + 19 days = 26 March reaches PEAK Luminosity (ish) - 7March + 19 + 60 = 26 May fades to 10% luminosity Do you think that you can get them from town with your NV gear? Certainly, the NV kit is helping me with supernova where I am now able to get to see those around Mag 17 or less (a Mag 18 was beyond me recently), I have to use an 18.2mm eyepiece (giving x115) magnitude (any more means loss of brightness and less reach into the lower magnitudes) so this means that I may not be able to split them from the core if they are close-in. I could not get down to these levels of (lack of) brightness before when I was using traditional methods although the greater magnification I had available did give me more chance of splitting the close-in (to the galaxy core) supernova. The mind boggles when you read the distance to these galaxies (which are calculated thanks to type 1a supernova (as I am sure you know)) and think that you are witnessing events that happened millions of years ago! - UGC7744 is 74 Million light years away. (I can't find a distance for UGC5072 so maybe this is the first type 1a and they can now measure it or maybe I need to look harder!) - The other thing that makes my mind boggle is the sheer size of an explosion that lasts for months & months. Imagine the poor neighbouring stars/planets/moons being destroyed or changed forever! (Makes me think how lucky we are not too close to any giant stars). I guess that you would need to factor in the loss of scope aperture (20" - 16") and then the change in SQM (mine is 21.6) using the same method of decreasing aperture/brighter skies in the same way we would now - although it may be less affected as NV responds well to star light (or supernova light in this case). Alan
  10. FOUR new (well placed above us in the UK) supernova as follows: (1) SN2019bic found in UGC5072 (12.7"E & 18.5"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 27/2/19, Mag 16.5 http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html?#2019bic (2) SNAT2019bpc found in UGC7744 (3.8"E & 3.4"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 7/3/19, Mag 16.1 (now 16.0) http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html?#2019bpc (3) SNAT2019bpu found in UGC4551 (5"E & 0"S), Type ?? supernova discovered 6/3/19, Mag 14.3 http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html?#2019bpu (4) SNAT2019bvt found in PGC061928 (4.2E & 2.3"N), Type 1a supernova discovered 17/3/19 (yesterday!), Mag 16.8 http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html?#2019bvt Just need the moon to go away! Alan
  11. I agree. Something like this... I just need some planets so they can come out to play! Alan
  12. Right, although having previously stated that I have "left the building". I just read the great enjoyments perceived by @scarp15 at my supposed "discredited" view of the Witch Head and my blood is boiling! I saw and traced the whole outline of the Witch Head with the 20" using a 55m Plossl and a 5nm Chroma Ha filter - its written in my notes for 8th Jan 2019. I was able to follow the same outline on Sky Safari using the ipad at the same time to confirm it. This counts as seeing it in my book! My notes do not say what I saw unfiltered so I must not have tried unfiltered or saw nothing. If you choose to think that "I made it up just to get one over on you" then I dont have words to describe my contempt! Its clear that my reports are just cannon fodder to some people and I think its pathetic that I am unable to post my OBSERVING REPORTS in a section called "Observing Reports" (If its not for observing reports then please rename it to something else). This situation is so lame that I am lost for words. Goodbye! Alan
  13. I think at this stage it’s time for me to retire from SGL. If was great while it lasted and I apologise for any upset my posts have caused. Bye, Alan
  14. I spent part of a session on the Witch Head and I was able to trace the outline easily - it was pretty large in the dob. I was using the Chroma Ha filter. But there is nothing seen within the boundaries and of course an OIII filter made it much worse.
  15. I have spent many hours on the Running Man over the last three months and it is possible to see the "black trousers" but not all at once. You need more magnification than that provided by the 55mm plossl and you need to work a section at a time. After a few attempts I made a "map" based on my sketches and images online... Here is my sketch (made at the 20" scope) from a session on 1st Feb... I think that I can get more from it next year now I have learned a few pointers and the fact that the 35mm panoptic and 27mm panoptic can help reveal more black features. Its the middle and south side that are the hardest to get much out of. You need to spend time at the eyepiece and plenty of averted to get anything from the south and east. The north section (in the stars) is pretty easy as is the western curve and the black finger coming in above the north. I will be better prepared earlier in the season in 2019 (but thats what it is all about) to try to get more.... Alan
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