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  1. Dinoco, The Castell will out perform the one that FLO sell and its the same price too. https://www.365astronomy.com/castell-uhc-ultra-high-contrast-filter-1.25.html Alan
  2. Here is a pic of a 1.25" filter screwed onto the bottom of a 1.25" EP check the bottom of your EPs you will see a thread "for filters"
  3. Hi Dinoco, As you have a 130mm scope then I would start with a UHC filter. An O3 will be a bit of a challenge with small aperture. A good brand of reasonable price is Castell. I use one of these with my 70mm binoculars. Here is a link https://www.365astronomy.com/castell-uhc-ultra-high-contrast-filter-1.25.html From my experience, these are "better than skywatcher" (the same one as the "optics uhc filter" branded one that FLO sell) but not "up there with Astronomik" but for the price they are great! Alan
  4. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Piero, I am not saying you are wrong. But at £200 for 2" filters then I would play safe and get Astronomik. I would find plenty of folks who already trod this path and are still smiling
  5. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Stick with Astronomik
  6. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Powermate does not impact the original eye relief of the EP. Barlow extends the eye relief of the original EP... Concept: While Barlows are powerful tools, the negative element defining them also limits their ability. The simple negative element Barlow increases eyepiece eye-relief. With short focal length eyepieces the effect is negligible. However, on long focal length eyepieces the exit pupil position moves well beyond the designer's intended position, resulting in vignetting with many eyepieces. This is why "Shorty" Barlows in particular, with their strong negative element often vignette and degrade long focus eyepieces. My 4-element form picks up where the Barlow concept can go no further. Powermate™ is a technically universal solution, using a positive field lens to redirect field rays. The result is an exit pupil that stays where the eyepiece designer intended. With freedom from aberrations, greater magnification potential, and compact size, I hope you'll agree Powermate™ raises the standard for image amplification. — Al Nagler http://www.televue.com/engine/TV3b_page.asp?id=53&Tab=_back
  7. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    Yep I agree. If you find you don't need a coma corrector then I would suggest you need a 2x 2" powermate (Televue) which you use on your 100 degree 8 Ethos ( or 9mm something else ) to give you 4 or 4.5 effectively and retain 100 degree. Powermates are not barlows! They are better
  8. Planning your ideal eyepiece collection

    For a f4,7 scope, eyepieces of 4mm will be less than 1mm exit pupil. A 4.7mm eyepiece will produce a 1mm exit pupil in a f4.7 scope. 4/4.7 = 0.85mm i don’t like less than 0.8 personally. Just gives me uncomfortable viewing. So 3.5/4.7 =0.74 is getting pretty small !
  9. Bino advice

    If your scope is a frac then you will need a barlow or glass path compensator to reach focus for sure. My lunt60 needs a x1.7 gpc to reach focus. Then you need longer focal length eyepieces than you thought (to allow for the barlow effects) Alan
  10. COMPLETED - Televue Delos 10mm * sold *

    SOLD, mods please archive
  11. SOLD, mods please archive
  12. Televue Delos 10mm For Sale The eyepiece is one of a pair of 10mm that I used for binoviewing (I sold the other earlier this week!). It is in excellent condition and comes complete with original Televue box and end caps. NOW SOLD
  13. Televue Delos 17.3mm For Sale The eyepiece is one of a pair of 17.3mm that I used for binoviewing (I sold the other earlier this week!). It is in excellent condition and comes complete with original Televue box and end caps. NOW SOLD
  14. Televue Panoptic 19mm For Sale

    FOR SALE: Televue Panoptic 19mm eyepiece The eyepiece is in excellent condition and I have owned it from new. It was purchased from Telescope House in February 2014. It comes supplied with original Televue box & both end caps. PRICE: £170 + £7 UK postage (I only use Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm with included £500 insurance) - payment preferred via bank transfer or PayPal friends - Standard PayPal with fees accepted but buyer should add 3.4% (£5.80) to cover the fees Thanks for looking! Alan
  15. Ande, sounds like you just need some "clear skies" (we cannot buy those!) Dont spend any more for now, get out there and enjoy your purchases. The book will be really useful! See if you can make a "red light" torch for taking outside when you need to read the book so your pupils will not shrink too much when you refer to the book. Buy a cheap led "AA" torch and put several layers of red nail varnish on the lens to turn it red. Alan