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  1. Sky safari 5 works with star sense and no handset so I would expect this mount will too. Leave the starsense handset in the box and let sky safari control the starsense hardware.
  2. I would get a used cpc800. Great scope, solid as a rock mount and future proof 8". Not too big to carry either. No money left for eyepieces though, but at least at f10 you won't need expensive ones. i used to own one and it was a great scope. With aperture fever I moved on to a c11 but I always intended to drop back to one of these when my back fails...
  3. Nearly correct. Here are the steps with Nexus... (on my dob) Search for wifi signal with phone/ipad and connect to it (in the settings menu on the ipad for example) - hopefully it has no password needed. You will need at least a 2 star alignment I would expect if you want decent accuracy. So, select your chosen 1st alignment star in the app & manualy align the scope to the star (in finder then in eyepiece - use mid to high power EP for better accuracy). Choose a star above 60 degrees. Click "align" in the app once the 1st star is centered in the EP. Move the scope to the 2nd star (at least 90 degrees away from the 1st and above 60 degrees) - Maybe you can goto the 2nd star and then just manually adjust (celestron auto-2 star is auto on the 2nd star - I have never used skywatcher) Select the star in the app (the app may have tracked the manual movement and be close to the 2nd star anyway (Nexus does this)) Center in the finder and EP once again Click "align" in the app once you have it centered in the EP. You should now be ready, test out the alignment by goto an object. HTH, Alan
  4. buying a new eye peice

    Richard, To overcome this issue, I purchased some of these baader 1.25" to 2" to low profile adapters. You can permanently fit them to all your 1.25" EPs to convert them into 2" EPs. They have a little grub screw that you tighten with an allen key so they are attached permanently from that point on (you can discard the thumb screw seen in the picture, it is not needed if you use the grub screw!) Now they are easy to swap over in the dark and no faffing with adapters. https://www.firstlightoptics.com/adapters/baader-low-profile-eyepiece-adapter-for-steeltrack.html They are not cheap but are high quality and work well if your objective is to convert all EPs to 2" fitting. HTH, Alan
  5. It's all kicking off !

    The supernova is called 2017fgc, see http://www.rochesterastronomy.org/supernova.html? NGC474 doesnt get much above the horizon from the UK until September but it may still be around then as its a type 1a The comet is "C/2017 O1" and its showing in sky safari 5!
  6. For Sale - Feathertouch focuser adapter model number A20-240 Adapter is brand new & unused (came included with my FTF2025BCR focuser from FLO but I dont need it). -Fits Skywatcher Skyliner, Explorer and Quattro series Newtonian Telescopes & Orion Sky Quest, XT Intelliscope Telescopes. -This adapter will also fit the Celestron C10N Newtonian telescope. -For use with Feathertouch focuser model number FTF2025BCR See http://starlightinstruments.com/store/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=111 Also https://www.firstlightoptics.com/starlight-instruments-feather-touch-components/feather-touch-adapter-20-for-orion-sky-quest-xt-intelliscope-telescopes.html Price £25 including postage (paypal or bank transfer)
  7. Point and hope

    Nice report Neil. The swan is great the first time you see it! The good news is, its great every year to see it once again. If you have upgraded your equipment during the year long wait then it's nice to see it reveal more than the last time... Definitely one of my favourite objects Alan
  8. TeleVue Price Increase

    Yep, some of the delos (330 -> 345) & delite (246 -> 257) range are up too. "New" stock must be for sale at a higher price than "existing" shelf stock. Alternative is always to look for a "used" bargain instead... Although used prices seem to factor in the latest new price too... or try all the vendors. If you phone up then they usually price match each other!
  9. M57 central star

    Jetstream, What magnification does the 7mm KK ortho give in your scope? (i.e. what was the successful magnification to see the central star?) Alan
  10. Lumicon UHC. Still the best?

    The Astronomik UHC is good. The Astronomik O3 is really good. It's the way they leave all the field stars alone that i love. Bagged the horsey with the Astronomik Hb so that must be good too!
  11. 16-07-2017 Observing Report

    Nice report. Sounds like you had a good night. Were you using a UHC filter on the ring and dumbbell? They will reveal more if you use one. keep the reports coming...
  12. You get what you pay for with filters. Either get the astronomik as a lifetime purchase or buy a cheaper one as a stop gap while you save for the more expensive. Don't feel bad about buying an expensive filter, they last for years. Get 2nd hand if price is a concern? i had a skywatcher UHC and it gave good service on my c8 and c11. eventually moved to astronomik and now I do not need to buy again. the skywatcher was okay and gave good views of the big uhc nebulas. The astronomik offers a good improvement on both the amount of nebulousity seen and just as importantly on the star light of the field stars giving a more pleasing and recognisable view. If I were a beginner then I would buy the skywatcher uhc again as it was a good starting point. Do not get the skywatcher o3 as it is not very good and lets very little light through giving a poor field and unrecognisable view. Alan
  13. Binoviewer

    You are correct. As you move the primary mirror in to reach focus in the SCT, an increased magnification is the result. It used to turn my 24mm into 21mm (ish) in the C11 (2800mm focal length) The C8 is 2050mm focal length so your 7mm is giving almost x300. If the primary moves increases this further then at >300x you are limited on the useful targets! I personally would not start with a pair of 7mm, you will not get much use out of them. I would be looking for something around x150 for good everyday use, so a pair of 14mm would be a good start. You can't go wrong with a pair around 20mm either. (x100 is a really useful magnification). My most used pair is a pair of 24mm which gave me around x120 on the C11 and gives me x125 on the big dob (where I use a x1.7 glass path compensator [barlow]). Alan
  14. Binoviewer

    As the 8SE is an SCT type scope, the barlow is not needed to reach focus - you have a huge focus range available with the SCT. I used a bino on my C11 without a barlow. But I needed a barlow to get focus with my Lunt refractor. You will be fine without the barlow. A further point about the 82 degree eyepieces that you mention - they will be overkill in a bino as you are unlikely to get your eyes close enough to the binos to make use of the full FOV - your nose will likely prevent this. 70 degree eyepieces are perfect in binos so save some money here.
  15. Unrealistic expectations from a noob

    John, get yourself a copy of "turn left at Orion" (book). It has 200+ pages of all the best night sky objects, directions on how to find them manually and sketches of what to expect to see. all in a nice ring bound book just made to take outside. happy hunting, Alan p.s. I just got an eye patch and it makes a real improvement.