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  1. my first thought was am i seeing things ? couldnt quite comprehend it at first, then realised what it was and shouted excitedly at my teenage son as im in the doorway "come here ! come here !" . He moved at sloth like speed for me to say did you see that ? To which he replied ............ What ?
  2. saw it also from farnham. just went into garden at the right time , saw 1 really bright fireball with a second following slightly behind and to one side approx east north east . when i first saw it crossed my mind that it could have been a plane on fire with a long trail of smoke !
  3. thanks for that , really usefull
  4. i"d be chuffed to bits with that !
  5. my first light was jupiter as well and not looked back since . haven"t seen the grs yet but hoping i will .tbh im strugging with the orion nebula which is supposed to be easy but i think that may be something to do with 2 street lights right outside my back gate and my impatience. did a fair bit of swearing myself when i first started out but the good advice on here helped a lot ! hope you enjoy your scope. is it me or do you begin to appreciate things a bit more and not take them for granted so much when you begin to get a bit ...................more mature lol
  6. grr cant get it to work either its the revelation 15x70 with a tripod and l bracket for 99.99
  7. after reading the reviews on here and the good advise given i thought i had decided on some olympus dps1 10x50 bins so i could just pop in the garden in between clouds but then i saw this www.telescopehouse.com/acatalog/Revelation-15x70---L-Clamp---Astro187-Tripod-Megadeal.html is this a good deal ? seems too good to be true and im sorry if its been asked before , couldnt find it
  8. great first scope , pick it up go outside , have a butchers . no messing about setting it up or aligning and its good enough to give decent views. next best choice to bins for ease of use in my opinion and bins is my next purchase with help from advise on this site. have fun and enjoy both of you
  9. my advice for whats its worth (which isnt much tbh) dont worry about polar aligning , dont worry about setting your scope to 51dg just make sure your finder scope is aligned and point the scope at what you want to look at after using the mark 1 eyeball. you will need to cool it down outside for a while before use. the scope not your eye next step is ask loads of questions on here ,doesn"t matter how daft you think they are (god knows im full of stupid questions! and ive got plenty yet let me tell you) and you"ll find the good people on this site will help you out . with that knowledge you"ll quickly progress
  10. thanks so much for your replies obviously my next questions are...... why do venus and uranus rotate in different directions to the rest of the planets ? what has caused this ? i think i understand the concept of a gravitationally contained solar system , does our solar system rotate within the universe ? are monster munch more or less toxic than frazzles ?
  11. some questions i probably should know if i bothered to pay attention at school. do all planets rotate in the same direction ? do all planets orbit in roughly the same plane in relation to earth ? if jupiter takes roughly 12 years to orbit the sun why does it travel so far in our sky in such a relatively short period of time from our perspective? i presume because earth travels faster and overtakes it ? if the universe is expanding is earths orbit moving away from the sun , and is jupiters gravitational pull having an effect on us since it is so much bigger ? why do i taste frazzles 3 days after i have eaten them ?
  12. i dont know a thing about imaging but no.3 is outstanding . well done , you must be pleased with it.
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